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About Us
EquipNet is a leading provider of proactive asset management solutions and services to leading corporations in the biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical, and consumer packaged goods industries, such as Merck, Novartis, Unilever and many others. EquipNet’s vision is to revolutionize the way companies manage their surplus assets by maximizing financial returns and minimizing the risks associated with idle capital assets.

EquipNet Services
Solutions Workshop
EquipNet plans and facilitates professional, collaborative workshops with our corporate clients to review their current surplus asset management program, define roles and responsibilities, and develop a plan for maximizing its success. EquipNet works with you to invite representatives from your engineering, operations, finance, plant management, and/or IT departments. The Solutions Workshop includes pre-workshop and post-workshop assignments for EquipNet and the participating company stakeholders to ensure that everyone has all the necessary information to accurately indentify recommendations for improvement.
Why choose EquipNet?
  • Maximize success.
    EquipNet Solutions Workshops are designed to help you get the most out of your investment recovery program by identifying and adopting best practices.

  • Trust the experts.
    EquipNet is the leading provider of Asset Management solutions. We’ve developed Investment Recovery programs for leading companies in a wide variety of industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, and consumer processing and packaging.

  • Host a professional and productive workshop.
    EquipNet Workshop Facilitators are equipment specialists, not just general management advisors. We have management experience with this particular kind of challenge and we know how to effectively facilitate this particular kind of workshop. Workshop Facilitators are trained to ask participants the right questions to determine the right solution for your organization’s surplus asset disposition his is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We customize our recommendations for your particular audience and needs.

  • Enjoy hands-off event planning.
    In addition to facilitating the day-long workshop, EquipNet sets up the meeting, invites the participants, provides preparatory assignments, and implements post-workshop suggestions.

  • Put all your key stakeholders in the same room.
    EquipNet invites appropriate interdepartmental representation, ensuring that process recommendations include input from all parties.

  • Solicit information from a variety of perspectives.
    It can be difficult for internal staff to ask the tough questions and identify systemic needs for improvement. Outside consultants can have similar trouble making recommendations without understanding the core competency of the system being discussed and the culture of the company. EquipNet provides companies with an outsider’s perspective and surplus asset management expertise while encouraging internal staff’s full participation in the process. Unlike traditional consultants, EquipNet Solutions Workshop Facilitators understand that company culture and internal input should be an integral part of the post-workshop recommendations.