Worldwide Logistics Management Services

EquipNet’s Worldwide Logistics Management team understands that regulations for used equipment are different in each country.

With our experience and expertise we’re able to manage all the complicated details of your logistics needs after you purchase equipment. We provide customized crating, skidding, and/or freight services for a wide array of industrial equipment. Clients can select from a menu of a la carte services to safely prepare and/or ship their equipment from one location to another.

We offer a complete diagnosis of the national and international logistic process for industrial equipment, oversized cargo and high value. If customers are located in Latin America, we can offer all this even if the equipment is not bought from EquipNet.

EquipNet's Custom Skidding/Palletizing

Export and Import Advisory Services

We offer a robust support understanding the different import laws that apply for used equipment in different countries:

  • Review Invoices to make sure they comply with export and import standards
  • Review requirements by the import countries
  • Provide Tax documentation
  • Work with destination’s customs to make sure it’s complying before shipping
  • Intermediation between the exporter, their customs, freight companies and the importer’s customs
  • Support on the usage of INCOTERM

Support on the handling and packaging process

  • Inspection to determine estimated costs or removal
  • Compliance on exporters requirement for a certified removal, handling and  loading process
  • Removal service, cable and pieces marking for their connection
  • Reconstruction and demolition
  • Drag and load process, with cranes and lifts
  • Custom design and build any size wood crate or skid to safely transport equipment.
  • Provide foam packing to protect fragile equipment.
  • Remove old packaging.
  • Perform crating, skidding, and shipping services at your location..
  • Transportation service to other warehouses for packaging processing
  • Treated and certified timber for export

Loading and sealing of containers

  • Loading on platforms, trucks or containers
  • Securing of freight in transport
  • Sealing of container for international shipping

International shipping

  • Obtain competitive freight quotes from national and international carriers
  • Schedule delivery.
  • Provide delivery notification calls and e-mails.
  • Track shipping and provide proof of pick-up and/or delivery.
  • Shipping to port and airport
  • Charges on port
  • International freight
  • Border crossing
  • IMMEX equipment advisory
  • Customs diagnosis
  • Purchase shipping insurance.
  • Tariff classification (to optimize tax payment)
  • Tax calculation
  • Supporting documents for free trade agreements


  • Unloading services
  • Local transportation
  • Freight tracking
  • Lock Seals Container Gps for tracking during the whole operation

Accredited and Certificated Export Packing

EquipNet provides accredited and certificated export packing services at our Bridgend, UK warehouse.  We cover every aspect of export packing, including but not limited to:

  • Ply crates
  • Full timber seaworthy crates
  • Slatted timber crates
  • Timber skidding
  • High tensile foam lining
  • Polythene lining and hermetically sealed foil bags with desiccant to packing projects as required
  • Secure and heat-shrink products to timber skids for onward freight

"EquipNet Logistics did a great job - everything arrived as predicted and in a good shape. Thanks for your assistance!"

Guenter Weickert


EquipNet Worldwide Logistics Management provides one of the highest quality custom-built crating and packing service available, and we only engage logistics partners who can meet your high standards. Through our partnerships, we receive preferential rates, which we can pass on to you in the form of significant savings.

Save time, money, and peace of mind; call the experts at EquipNet Worldwide Logistics.

Lab Relocation Management

Our knowledgeable staff can handle every aspect of your laboratory relocation, providing the fastest, most cost-efficient relocation service available.

Step 1: Site Assessment

One of our logistics experts will perform a complete site assessment.

Step 2: Project Management

A Project Manager will be assigned to you to develop a project plan & scope of work.

Worldwide Logistics

World Wide Logistics is completely managed in-house by our dedicated team (outbound & inbound).

Step 3: Pack and Ship

All instrumentation will be decommissioned, crated, and loaded by our technicians.

Step 4: Unpack and Place

Instrumentation will be unpacked, set-up and reinstalled in your new location.

Do you have instruments that will not be a part of the relocation?

Our surplus valuation experts will help you understand how to monetize any remaining non-required assets.

Recycling – Lab IT

• Local & Federal EPA Compliant

• Zero Landfill

• ISO 14001:2004


Need the instrument but not all the computers?

Sensitive Data is lurking on the Hard Drives!

Don’t risk liability.

Our process is Secure, Complaint & Eco-Friendly.

• Data Erasure

• On-Site HD Destruction

• HD Shredding & Certification

• e-Stewards Compliant Partner Certification Process

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