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Accutek Packaging Equipment Co. Inc. Bottle Filling Line 8ML - 32 OZ Two Head

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$50,000.00 USD

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Location:  OK, USA

Level of Removal:  Still Installed

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Equipment Description
Accutek Packaging Equipment Co. Inc. Bottle Filling Line 8ML - 32 OZ Two Head

  • Complete Bottle Filling Line still installed and in operation, consisting of the following major pieces of equipment:

  • AccuTurn 42 Unscrambler
  • Model: 28-042-USA(ATU-48)
  • Serial no: A-17LO7-2815, 2019
  • Speed: 0-7 RPM
  • 48" AccuTurn Unscrambler is designed to load your containers onto the filling line

  • Accuturn 42 Accumulation
  • Model: 28-042-A0A (AT-42)
  • Serial no: A-17LO7-2816
  • Speed: 0-7 RPM
  • The AccuTurn 42" Accumulation turntables are designed to collect your filled containers from the filling machine line

  • Auto AccuVac Series Filler 8mL - 32 oz (One Dose) Two Head
  • Model: 02-508-000
  • Serial no: A-17205590, 2019
  • Up to 60 CPM
  • Product Type: Foamy, Corrosive, Heated, Particulates
  • Customers looking for a cost-effective filler to produce visually appealing and consistent fill levels no matter what the shape or volume of their container cannot go wrong with an Auto AccuVac machine. constructed on a heavy duty sanitary stainless-steel frame, complete with a 10’ conveyor, touch screen controls, and easy to clean manifold.
  • Heavy duty Filler with a stainless steel frame suitable for these products: Water, Perfumes, Essential Oils, Ink, Thin Liquid Soap, Light Makeup Remover, Alcohol, Food Coloring, Fruit Juices & Extracts, Liquid Tea, Liquid Coffee, Vegetable Oil, Light Juices, Some Salad Dressings, more

  • Semi-Automatic Spindle Capper
  • Model: 22-001-000 (SSC-6)
  • Serial no: A-17 204088, 2019
  • Speed: Up to 200 CPM
  • Cap Size: Min: 10mm / Max: 120mm
  • Accutek’s Semi-Automatic Spindle Capper (SSC-6) uses the latest technology to accurately torque most cap types onto a wide range of bottles

  • Automatic Pressures Sensitive Labeling System
  • Model: 24-APS-106A (APS-106)
    Serial no: A-17 204087, 2019
  • Speed: Up to 175 CPM
  • Label Size: 0.5 L; 0.75 W
  • The APS-106 is economical, self-contained and easy to operate. This automatic labeling system comes equipped with a 6 ft. variable speed conveyor

  • Accuveyor 4 Conveyor
  • Model: 26-ST45-SAO (AccuVeyor4), 2019
  • Open top Sanitary Conveyor
  • Speed: 3-130 Liner FPM

  • This listing does not include the 40 Gallon Kettle shown in photos, which is listed & priced separately #902341

  • Specifications:
    Manufacturer Name
    Accutek Packaging Equipment Co. Inc.


    Current Application (Products, Sizes Run, Shape of Bottle and Style of Cap:
    Foamy, Corrosive, Heated, Particulates
    Foamy, Corrosive, Heated, Particulates

    Can Seller Provide a Sample of Product Run:

    Application Range(Ex Min/Max Range Size Bottles and Caps, Shape of Bottle and Style of Cap):
    8mL - 32 oz (One Dose). 2 Head
    8mL - 32 oz (One Dose). 2 Head

    Max operating speed:
    60 BPM
    60 BPM

    110 VOLTS
    110 VOLTS

    60 HERTZ
    60 HERTZ



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    Item #1:
    42 x 42.00 x 52.00 IN - 0.00 LBS
    42.00 x 42.00 x 52.00 IN - 275.00 Pounds

    Item #2:
    42 x 42.00 x 40.00 IN - 0.00 LBS
    42.00 x 42.00 x 40.00 IN - 275.00 Pounds

    Item #3:
    120 x 24.00 x 72.00 IN - 0.00 LBS
    120.00 x 24.00 x 72.00 IN - 300.00 Pounds

    Item #4:
    36 x 24.00 x 80.00 IN - 0.01 LBS
    36.00 x 24.00 x 80.00 IN - 950.00 Pounds

    Item #5:
    79 x 41.00 x 53.00 IN - 0.00 LBS
    79.00 x 41.00 x 53.00 IN - 0.00 Pounds

    Item #6:
    120 x 54.00 x 36.00 IN - 0.00 LBS
    120.00 x 54.00 x 36.00 IN - 175.00 Pounds

    439 x 54 x 80 IN - 1975 LBS
    11150.60 x 1371.60 x 2032.00 mm - 895.86 kg


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