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Appraisals by Industry

Looking for industry expertise? EquipNet specializes in industrial equipment in many different areas. The EquipNet Appraisal Specialists have extensive knowledge across multiple industries, ensuring accurate valuations for all of your needs:

EquipNet works with companies that produce chemicals for uses in many markets including, oil and gas, consumer products, agricultural, and manufacturing.

EquipNet appraisers are experts in the food, beverage, personal care, and household product sectors of the consumer industry.

The specialists at EquipNet have years of experience accurately valuing custom and specialized equipment for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Equipnet provides appraisal and consulting services for a variety of medical device manufacturers and healthcare organizations.

EquipNet has always specialized in the brokering, appraising, and liquidating of used industrial equipment. The companies we work with include manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and operators of transportation, construction, metal working, and heavy equipment.

EquipNet’s vast understanding of the technology and electronics industry comes from assisting companies all over the world with technology asset management services and computer and electronic equipment valuations.

The specialists at EquipNet have years of experience accurately valuing financial assets, analyzing risk, and assessing investment opportunities for a variety of finance and insurance companies.

EquipNet performs valuation services for local, state, and federal agency groups and creates reports that comply with the GASB, GAAP, and IFRS.

EquipNet provides accurate real estate appraisals for a variety of clients, ranging from clients with individual properties to clients with complex portfolios of assets.

EquipNet supports lenders, corporate executives, and attorneys by providing expert testimonies, certified appraisals, and financial reports to present to judges and juries.