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Valuations for Government Services

Every business has to meet the regulatory requirements of government at some degree. EquipNet has extensive experience performing valuation services for local, state, and federal agency groups. We provide solutions that help ensure accurate reporting and full compliance with regulatory standards. Institutions must rely on credible appraisers with extensive knowledge and experience creating reports that comply with the GASB, GAAP, and IFRS. Our appraisers work with employees and officials from many sectors of the government, including:

  • State, county, city, and town governments
  • US federal government branches
  • US military forces
  • Public utilities
  • Waste and wastewater districts
  • Public school districts
  • School boards and boards of education
  • Government-entity insurance risk pools

No matter your business need, EquipNet can help. Our experts are able to provide solutions for government entities in a variety of situations, including financial planning, budgeting, and reporting. Our solutions are designed to provide accurate and industry compliant services for all of your reporting needs.

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