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Technology Equipment Appraisals

Technology Solutions is one of the many services EquipNet offers. We provide customized environmental solutions for remarketing, end-of-lease return, sanitization, and inventory tracking. Our specialists have experience providing appraisal and consulting services for a variety of companies within the technology and electronics industry, ranging from small music and video production studios to leading global manufacturers of high-technology equipment. EquipNet’s vast understanding of the technology and electronics industry comes from assisting companies all over the world with technology asset management services and information, as well as computer and electronic equipment valuations. We service, appraise, and liquidate companies from many markets in the technology and electronics industry, including:

  • Information technology and data storage
  • Information security and data protection
  • Internet software
  • Data centers
  • Video and production equipment
  • Computer hardware and equipment

EquipNet offers solutions for all business needs or situations, including but not limited to, valuations of tangible and intangible assets, inventory management, buy/sell agreements, and tax valuations. Whether you need one appraisal or many, EquipNet’s turnkey approach is designed to satisfy all of your needs.

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