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Appraisals by Need

Appraisal and valuation services are an important component of everyday business decisions. Whether your company is conducting an asset inventory for tax purposes, closing a facility and liquidating the equipment inside, considering a merger/acquisition, or updating your asset register for a Small Business Administration loan application, EquipNet’s expert Appraisal and Valuations team can help.

Securing proper financing is critical to ongoing business decisions every company encounters. You can trust EquipNet to provide appropriate valuation information to effectively leverage your capital assets.

Financial reporting requirements are ever-changing. Remaining current on these changes are crucial for corporate decision-makers.

Nothing matters more than having the experts you need for legal issues. EquipNet works with legal professionals for an array of issues and specialties.

EquipNet has provided clients with asset accuracy for decades. Companies have to stay current with insurable values on their assets in case of a disaster.

Value perspectives matter when dealing with tax authorities. EquipNet offers certified, independent, and supported opinions of value for all taxation needs.

Strategic business decisions begin with the proper information. EquipNet consults with directors, executives, managers, and business owners through the business life cycle for success.