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Valuations for Taxation

Corporations and tax advisors are constantly looking for ways to reduce tax liabilities. Partnerships with companies who know the importance for unbiased, professional, and compliant appraisal services are the keys for success. EquipNet understands the nuances of taxation for all types of organizations and brings the expertise businesses need.

Cost Segregation

  • IRC 1245 and IRC 1250

Stock Valuation

  • ASC 718 – requires full fair value of an equity-based instrument be recorded as compensation expense
  • IRC 409A – provides guidance on the tax treatment of equity-based instruments granted as compensation

Corporate Tax Valuation Services

  • Like-Kind Exchanges (IRC 1031 Exchanges)
  • Net Operating Loss Limitations and Built-in Gains (IRC 382)
  • Asset Valuations (IRC 338 and IRC 1060)
  • Non-Compete Agreements (IRC 280G)
  • Legal Entity Valuations (IRC 351 and IRC 355)
  • Table or Nontaxable Reorganizations (IRC 368)
  • Debt Forgiveness (IRC 108)
  • Worthless Stock Deduction (IRC 165)
  • C Corp to S Corp Conversions (IRC 1374)
  • Global Interest Expense Allocation (IRC 861)
  • Transfer Pricing Issues (IRC 482 and IRC 6662)
  • Deferred Compensation and Stock Options (IRC 83)
  • Cost Segregation (IRC 1245 and IRC 1250)

Gift and Estate Tax

  • Estate taxes
  • Probate or federal estate taxes
  • Gifting
  • Charitable donations

Property Taxes

  • Tax Abatement – business can file for reassessment of overvalued properties hedging against tax liabilities

Purchase Price Allocation

  • IRC 160 – assets acquired in a business combination be stated at fair market value

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