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Desktop and Onsite Price Opinions

There tends to be a lot of confusion when it comes to the distinction between price opinions and certified valuations. To be clear, a price opinion is NOT a certified valuation. Price opinions are used primarily for internal purposes such as asset transfers, accounting adjustments, dispensation planning, and business planning.

So do you always need a certified appraisal? Maybe not. Not all situations require a formal certified valuation. In many cases, companies may not have the time or budget for a certified valuation to make early stage business decisions, but rather need a more high level opinion. The professionals at EquipNet are familiar with these situations, and have developed unique pricing reports that meet the broad needs for non-certified services. These reports provide reliable pricing ranges for disposition, buying, selling, and internal decision-making.


A Desktop Price Opinion (DPO) is a reporting tool used by EquipNet’s clients to determine a competitive and realistic listing price point for a particular plant, property, or equipment item, as of a particular date, for internal and strategic company decisions. This service is performed from the desk of our senior equipment specialists, developed under hypothetical and limiting conditions, with no onsite inspection of the assets. All information is obtained from the client and assumed to be “true and accurate” for the pricing report. The equipment specialist performs comp checks -- researching relevant pricing levels in line with the scope of work -- and provides a written report.

An Onsite Price Opinion (OPO) is an expert recommendation of disposition and pricing strategy based on an onsite visit by an EquipNet equipment specialist with in-depth equipment knowledge. The equipment specialist physically inspects the equipment, records relevant asset data, and assesses factors that may affect pricing (condition, removal, options, change parts availability, etc.). Based on the information provided, the equipment specialist performs comp checks -- researching relevant pricing levels -- and provides a disposition and pricing strategy in a written report.

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