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Equipment and Machinery Appraisals

Advantages of EquipNet's Machinery and Equipment Appraisal Services:

More Accurate and Reliable Appraisals

EquipNet’s technical expertise and unparalleled visibility into used equipment markets give us a perspective on appraisals that other companies can’t match:

  • Technical knowledge – Unlike most appraisers who have limited equipment knowledge, our equipment specialists have a detailed technical understanding allowing them to identify specification and options that can have a significant impact on asset values.

    EquipNet employs a worldwide team of senior equipment specialists with 10-30 years in engineering or operations employment at major companies such as Colgate Palmolive, Eli Lilly, Eastman Chemical, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, and Merck.

  • Better pricing data – Most appraisers do not participate in the market, and are limited to publicly available information as they research asset values. By contrast, EquipNet is the market and we have unparalleled data and insight into asset values. Through our enterprise asset tracking, we have a database of historical purchase prices. Through our proprietary “auction tracking” platform, we track the results of nearly every public auction (ours or competitors’) in the industries we serve. And through our MarketPlace, we track private party negotiated sales – which are invisible to most appraisers

  • Better market data – Through EquipNet’s enterprise and procurement programs, we have exclusive forward visibility of upcoming supply and demand. We know in advance where companies are investing, and where they are divesting, of assets. This allows us to forward project asset values and market trends with much greater accuracy than other appraisers.

EquipNet’s unique business model allows us to provide our clients with the most accurate appraisals possible. EquipNet’s Negotiated Sales, the largest website in the world dedicated to facilitating the purchase and sale of pre-owned equipment, gives us a wealth of comparative data to ensure your assets are appraised accurately. Our internal equipment specialists are experts in the life cycles of the equipment they value; with accreditation by the National Equipment and Business Builders Institute (NEBBI), the International Society of Business Analysts, and the American Society of Appraisers (ASA); they adhere to the highest standards set in the appraisal industry.

By working with EquipNet, you partner with a company that has stood as an industry leader for more than a decade. No matter what your situation, our appraisal professionals will provide you with an accurate and timely appraisal report at a competitive cost.

Types of Machinery and Equipment Appraisals

Having a vague idea of the value of your assets simply is not good enough. In order to protect yourself from liability when dealing with partners, shareholders, potential buyers, financial institutions, and government agencies, it is imperative that you have documented proof of your assets’ value. Certified machinery and equipment appraisals give you that proof.

Just like different types of valuations are appropriate in different situations, appraisers will draw up different types of appraisal reports according to your needs. Summary reports, which are the most commonly used for equipment appraising, are further broken down into two types.

  • Certified Desktop Summary Appraisal Report – Based on client-provided information, such as type, make, model, serial number, original cost, purchase date, and condition of the piece of machinery. The report is as accurate as the information provided.
  • Certified Onsite Summary Appraisal Report – Based on appraiser-gathered information, the report is the result of the appraisal specialist’s inspection of the machinery and collection of the relevant data.

Reasons for Machinery and Equipment Appraisals

There are a variety of scenarios in which businesses must rely on the expert opinion of machinery and equipment appraisers (i.e., annual revaluations, liquidation, IRS reporting, 1031 exchanges, buy/sell agreements). To learn more about these scenarios and many others please click here »

EquipNet Areas of Expertise

Our worldwide experience appraising many different categories of machinery and equipment makes us experts in the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical and biotech
  • Medical devices and healthcare
  • Chemical
  • Consumer products
  • Transportation and construction

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