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NEW DATE - Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing and Laboratory Equipment Available from Teva Pharmaceutical

Featuring Freeze Dryers, Homogenizers, Tanks, Microscopes, Analyzers and more from Waters, Thermo Scientific, GEA and other leading manufacturers.

Please Note:

  • This auction has staggered end times. Please pay close attention to the end time of your lot(s) of interest
  • Removal & Loading fees are also noted where provided by the vendors. Please see item description for more details
  • All invoices must be paid within (5) days
  • ***REQUIREMENT : There are a group of Listings that were used in Cytotoxin manufacturing. A condition for purchase of these Lisitngs is that the buyer must be a Cytotoxin manufacture. Any successful bidder must be able to provide that they are a Cytotoxin manufacturer by supplying company details and any other evidence requested of them. Failure to do so will result in any successful bids being cancelled. See Listing Description for Details.

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