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Cannabis Testing: Thermo Scientific TSQ XLS GCMSMS for analyzing Residual Pesticides, Terpenoids, an

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Equipment Description

Thermo Scientific TSQ XLS GCMSMS for analyzing Residual Pesticides, Terpenoids, and Mycotoxins

This Thermo Scientific TSQ XL GCMSMS is in excellent condition and it is used for cannabis testing, specifically trace-level analysis of residual pesticides and mycotoxins.

System Includes:
  • TSQ Quantum
  • Trace GC Ultra
  • TriPlus Autosampler
  • Cables and connectors
  • Computer

The TSQ Quantum XLS and TSQ Quantum GC are members of the TSQ Quantum™family of Thermo Scientific mass spectrometers. The TSQ Quantum XLS and the TSQ Quantum GC are advanced analytical instruments that include a mass spectrometer, liquid chromatograph, and the Xcalibur™ data system.

In a typical analysis, an autosampler (AS) introduces a sample into the gas chromatograph (GC). The GC separates the sample into its various components. The components elute from the GC and pass into the mass spectrometer where they are analyzed.


The TSQ Quantum XLS and TSQ Quantum GC mass spectrometers include an electron ionization/chemical ionization (EI/CI) ion source, ion optics, a triple-stage mass analyzer, and an ion detection system—all of which are enclosed in a vacuum manifold. Ionization of the sample takes place in the ion source. The specific process used to ionize the sample is known as the ionization mode.

The ion optics transmit the ions produced in the ion source into the mass analyzer, where they are filtered according to their mass-to-charge ratio. The polarity of the potentials applied to the lenses in the ion source and ion optics determines whether positively charged ions or negatively charged ions are transmitted to the mass analyzer. You can configure the mass spectrometer to analyze positively or negatively charged ions (called the positive or negative ion polarity mode).

The mass spectrometer is operated as a tandem mass spectrometer with two stages of mass analysis. The ion source ionizes the sample and the ion products are mass analyzed by the first-rod assembly. In this case, however, mass-selected ions exiting the first-rod assembly collide with an inert gas in the second-rod assembly and fragment to produce a set of ions known as product ions. (A chamber called the collision cell surrounds the second-rod assembly. The collision cell can be pressurized with an inert gas.) The product ions undergo further mass analysis in the third rod assembly to detect selected ions.

Furthermore, in a second stage of mass analysis, the mass spectrometer can fragment and separate each ionic fragment of a molecule formed in the ion source to build up an entire structure for the molecule, piece by piece. As a result, the TSQ Quantum XLS and the TSQ Quantum GC systems make investigating all pathways for the formation and fragmentation of each ion in the mass spectrum possible.

The two stages of mass analysis, with resultant reduction of chemical noise in the final mass spectrum, allow for very selective and sensitive analysis.
Each sequence of single or triple-stage mass analysis of the ions is called a scan.

The mass spectrometer uses several different scan modes and different scan types to filter, fragment, or transmit ions in the mass analyzer. Along with the ionization and ion polarity modes, the ability to vary the scan mode and scan type affords you great flexibility in the instrumentation
for solving complex analytical problems.


Manufacturer Name
Thermo Scientific

TSQ Quantum
TSQ Quantum


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