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Computer Equipment Value Recovery

Environmental Recycling

When there is no residual value for remarketing existing technology assets, companies are faced with end-of-life disposal responsibilities.

If these technology assets are not disposed of properly, they add electronic waste into the environment (lead, mercury, and other toxins) and expose your company to security and regulatory risk.

Through our strategic partnership with a leader in electronic recycling, EquipNet provides an environmentally friendly, safe and secure environmental recycling program that complies with local and federal EPA guidelines. Our partner has implemented an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001:2004.

Does your computer disposal process comply with environmental regulations?

Does your current recycling program include working with an e-Stewards certified and ISO 14001:2004 registered recycler?

If you can't provide documented answers to these questions, contact EquipNet today to learn more about Environmental Recycling with Certification.

Our recycling partner, Windfield Alloy, is an e-Stewards certified environmental recycler.

Need an alternative to Environmental Recycling? We can buy your surplus technology assets.

By purchasing surplus technology assets, EquipNet helps clients maximize the ROI of their surplus technology assets and provides a safe alternative to environmental recycling. This process is easy to complete and ensures complete data security of your assets. Learn more here.


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