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Computer Equipment Value Recovery

On-site Hard Drive Destruction

EquipNet offers on-site services to safely destruct surplus hard drives in the security of your own facility or data center.

This process ensures data security with on-site hard drive destruction.

Why choose on-site hard drive destruction services rather than sending the drives to be sanitized or shredded?

EquipNet provides on-site services by traveling to clients' facilities with a NSA Approved MediaVise Compact Hard Drive Crusher. With on-site services, EquipNet provides the client the opportunity to be present during the hard drive destruction process for audit ability.

The Compact Hard Drive Crusher, operated by EquipNet, destroys and safely ejects the hard drive into a collection draw in less than 30 seconds.

If your company is in need of safely destructing hard drives in its own facility, contact EquipNet for a hard drive security consultation.

In partnership with an ISO 14001:2004 certified and e-Stewards enterprise, Windfield Alloy.

Not sure if Hard Drive Destruction is for you? We offer a number of other data security services:

Secure yesterday's data while protecting tomorrow's environment and contact us today for your IT Asset Management needs.


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