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Computer Equipment Value Recovery

Sell Surplus Technology

EquipNet Computer Equipment Value Recovery buys and sells surplus technology assets.

By purchasing surplus technology assets, EquipNet helps clients maximize the ROI of their surplus technology assets. This process is easy to complete and ensures complete data security of your assets.

Does your company have surplus technology assets that can be sold for cash?

EquipNet Computer Equipment Value Recovery service provides companies with the opportunity to generate cash by selling their surplus technology assets. In conjunction with DoD 5220.22-M complete sanitization with certification, these services allow clients to sell their equipment with the confidence that any confidential data will be protected.

We provide quotes for a variety of technology assets, including but not limited to:

EquipNet ensures compliance and data security to leading corporations while also offering environmental recycling services.

Secure yesterday's data while protecting tomorrow's environment and contact us today with your list of surplus technology.


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