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Filmbearbeitungsgeräte Leesona 1004-944-987

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Leesona 1004-944-987 Film Rewinder

  • Leesona Model 1004-944-987 Precision Re-winding systems. Each re-winding system is configured as a free standing machine. Each machine integrates an Unrolling tensioned spindle, a godet/pull roll system and a tension controlled take-up winder configured to re-wind material onto tubes

  • All electrical components are enclosed in the machine’s enclosed cabinet type structure. The structure is fitted with a hinged rear access door with a safety interlock switch

  • Machine is equipped with Allen-Bradley PLC to control machine functions

  • The Model 987 Tensioned Unrolling Spindle is mounted in the structure with tape path suitable for unrolling tape into the system without any imparted twist. This unit includes a tension compensation system for controlled unrolling tension of materials

  • The Model 1004 godet/pull roll will be coated with a hard anodized finish. The godet/pull roll will have elastomeric pinch rolls to insure proper controlled feeding of the tape material. The function of the godet is to “pull” the tape from the supply package mounted on the Model 987 tensioned unrolling spindle
  • The 1004 godet will pull the yarn from the supply package at a constant rate and “feed” the material to the tension compensated take-up winder. The take-up winder will precisely match the speed of the incoming tape at a controlled (and adjustable) tension level

  • The 1004 godet roll is equipped with a sensor which provides an output signal to a dual preset digital display for exact measured length of the wound tape. The meter provides real time display in in feet, yards or meters. The meter also displays rate value for exact speed control and monitoring.Customer should advise which ‘units’ of measure are to be displayed

  • The godet roll is driven by a 1/8 hp AC motor and powered by a frequency inverter drive. The inverter can be programmed for controlled acceleration and deceleration

  • The Model 944 Take-Up winder is equipped with a precision, servo controlled, programmable traversing mechanism. The traverse mechanism is capable of near infinite traverse lengths from 1.5-inches to 11-inches and near infinite wind ratios and patterns including index winding. This precision allows optimum and attractive package builds for each product

  • Each spooling take-up winder will be equipped as indicated below:

    -Model 944 Spooling Take-Up Winder Specifications

    • Mounts to a sturdy 3/8”- inch thick steel faceplate.
    • Designed to accept type flanged or tubes or flanged spools. Customer to confirm I.D.s
    • Traverse length is infinitely adjustable (programmable) to 11-inches.
    • Traverse Drive Mechanism incorporates a heavy duty precision ball screw mechanism
    • The traverse mechanism is direct coupled to a “intelligent” servo motor. Using Leesona proprietary software and a pulse or encoder signal from a spindle mounted pulse encoder the machine electronically directs the traverse to lay the material in an exact, precise user defined pattern.
    • Traverse length, “jog distance” and “material spacing” features can also be programmed and are fully adjustable.

    • An on-board control panel conveniently located at the end of the traverse housing allows operators to individually adjust each machine to compensate for all configurations and tolerances.
    • Leesona supplied software offers near infinite capabilities for winding.
    • Software input parameters include: material width, spacing, jog distance & traverse
    length, transition in degrees, number of wraps per step and others.
    • Operator input from on-board key pad allows operator to adjust location and
    material spacing.
    • Software program includes detailed diagnostics for the traverse mechanism.
    • Machine will operate fully from the on-board operator keypad.
    • Multiple program storage and recall for quick and easy setup and changeover.
    • Software allows multiple winding position to be “addressed” thus permitting “global”
    downloads of winding parameters or any individual position(s) to receive different
    • For use with MS Windows PC based computers

    • Mounts to a sturdy 3/8-inch faceplate
    • Model 944 accepts spools and packages. Customer to advise and confirm I.D.s

    • 0.50 HP DC motor 1750 or 3450 base RPM
    • Solid state electronic drive
    • Input- 115 VAC, Single Phase, 60 Hz
    • Timing belt (motor to spindle) with speed change pulleys.
    • Speed range to be 150-200 m/min or desired range within limits.

    • Tension Compensated Drive Chassis for tension feedback control.
    • Solid state electronic

    • All contact surfaces to be finished with a ceramic, hard chrome or hard anodized coating unless otherwise specified by customer.
    • Traverse mechanism will be equipped with a ceramic coated guide roll

    • 208vac, 3-phase connection to be supplied to each structure.

    • Basic guide wheel system provided per position. Wheels to be ceramic or hard anodized coated.

    • Pneumatic tensioning with single regulator per structure for constant tensioning.
    • Precision air pressure regulators with gauges.
    • Precision low friction air actuator for accurate tension control.
    • Tension Loop Compensation with free floating compensator arm.
    • Tension from 10 to 200 grams is possible

  • Spezifikationen:

    Manufacturer Name



    208 VOLTS
    208 VOLTS

    60 HERTZ
    60 HERTZ



    79 x 36 x 81 IN - 500 LBS
    2006.60 x 914.40 x 2057.40 mm - 226.80 kg


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