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Wasseraufreinigungs- und Destillationssystem Stilmas SPA PHARMASTILL MS 205S

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Maschinen und Geräte Beschreibung
DESCRIPTION: Multiple effect distiller equipment. The Pharmastill multiple effect Stills produce distilled water for injectable use which meets the requirements of the International Pharmacopeias including USP, EP and JP. A complete system of sanitary heat exchanger for energy recovery and a very accurate and optimized design grant the best performance in terms of energy/cold water consumption, compared to any other similar system. The Pharmastill modular construction offers a wide choice of configurations allowing optimum payback times. Standard models range is from 60 to 22.000 lts/h output. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices. MAIN FEATURES: The water introduced in the generator gets warmed by the heat exchanger. In the first coloumn, further heated by the industrial steam, it gets partially evaporated, this is the beginning of the multiple effect distillation process. The steam and the water non-evaporated follow their way to the next effect where the process is repeated at a higher temperature and pressure. The product distilled by the condensation of the pure vapor passes to the preheater. The same cycle is repeated in every coloumn. The steam which is produced during the last effect becomes condensed and cooled down. Rapid start up. The distillate is produced after only few minutes from switch on. Energy Saving: the best performances in terms of energy saving, thanks to an extremely accurate design of the condenser/evaporators and heat recovery system. High Flexibility: the production capacity can be varied by up to 80% without any plant modification. Unique purification system: gravitational purification principle for better guarantee of distillate purity. Simple and clean mechanical construction. Extremely limited maintenance. Compact construction and low weight. Year: 1987 TECHNICAL DATA Pressure bar 8-10 Working pressure Kg/cm2 8 Temperature °C 175-184 Tubes capacity L 22


Manufacturer Name
Stilmas SPA


Tubes capacity L 22 SQ FT
Tubes capacity L 22 sq m


Tubes capacity L 22
Tubes capacity L 22

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137.80 x 51.18 x 86.61 in - 4409.20 lb
3500 x 1300 x 2200 MM - 2000 KGS


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