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Ekato Unimix SRT-50 Vacuum Rated Mixer - Homogenizer

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Equipment Description
Technical Specifications for EKATO UNIMIX SRT50 #77024-10

  • Capacity:
    50 Liters (13.2 US Gallons) maximum mixing capacity (batch size).
    12.5 Liters (3.3 US Gallons) minimum mixing volume for PARAVISC scrape agitator.
    2.5 Liters (0.65 US Gallons) minimum mixing volume for S-JET 250 homogenizer.
    70 Liters (18.5 US Gallons) total vessel volume.
  • Vessel:
    Vessel rated for full vacuum and 2 barg (30 psig) pressure, ASME, U-Stamp.
    Vessel jacketed for heating and cooling, insulation and stainless shrouding included.
    Lid lift system with quick action lid locking mechanism.
  • Low Shear Mixers:
    Three (3) easily exchangeable impeller systems, top-mount, variable speed.
    Impellers include side wall and bottom scrapers.
    1. EKATO PARAVISC impeller with BAFFLE.
    2. EKATO COAX impellers (PARAVISC plus VISCOPROP).
    3. Other Brand COAX impellers.
  • High Shear Mixer:
    S-JET homogenizer, bottom-mount, variable speed.
    Internal homogenizing and pumping capability.
    External homogenizing and pumping capability for external product circulation, finished bulk
    discharge and CIP.
  • Raw Material Addition Ports:
    Five (5) designated raw material addition ports (RMAP).
    RMAP1: Connects to the high shear mixer, typically used for powder additions.
    RMAP2: Connects to the high shear mixer, typically used for liquid additions.
    RMAP3: Connects to the low shear mixer, typically used for liquids or powder additions.
    RMAP4: Connects to the top head, typically used for liquids or powder additions.
    RMAP5: Connects to the top head, typically used for small quantity liquids or powder additions.
  • Clean-In-Place:
    CIP spray balls for the cleaning of the vessel.
    CIP spray nozzles for bottom-up spray function.
    CIP manifold for the cleaning of the raw material addition ports.
    No CIP pump required as the S-JET will pump the CIP fluids.
  • Temperature Controls (TCU):
    Electric closed loop TCU with integral hot water generator, circulating pump and expansion tank.
    Additional TCU with valves for steam heat, water cool, air purge.
    Product temperature probes at 1% and 25% fill height.
  • Vacuum System:
    Vacuum pump, piping, valves, etc.
    Additional Process Instrumentation:
    1. Magnetic inductive flow meter, in the recycle pipe.
    2. pH-Meter with automatic buffering system.

    Side Kettle
  • Used with the SRT main unit for liquid addition
  • Phase Kettle F40
  • 40 Liters mixing volume.
  • Typically used for oil phase or water phase pre-mixes.
  • Jacketed with integral closed loop
  • Electric heater and circulation pump
  • Top-mounted agitator (disperser style mixing blade)
  • Connecting hose to the SRT50
  • CIP spray balls.

  • Specifications:

    Manufacturer Name

    Motor HP:
    10 HP
    10 HP


    Jacket Pressure Rating:
    FV/58 PSI
    FV/58 PSI

    Jacket Temperature Rating:
    303 DEG F
    303 DEG F


    Type of mixer:


    480 VOLTS
    480 VOLTS

    60 HERTZ
    60 HERTZ


    45 AMPS
    45 AMPS

    Heating Cooling Requirements:
    City Water and/or steam
    City Water and/or steam

    Recommended Packaging Form:


    71.26 x 53.15 x 79.13 in - 3306.90 lb
    1810 x 1350 x 2010 MM - 1500 KGS


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