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Analizador La Bour Taber QuickTOC/2011

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Descripción del equipo

TOC Analyzer - LAR Process Analysers AG

The TOC (Total Organic Carbon) is like the COD an
important sum parameter for the evaluation of the organic load of water. 

The TOC Analyzer QuickTOC analyses the TOC directly.
It measures inline and it is possible to connect it to network to visualize the


The following components belong to the device:

  • QuickTOC, thermal TOC meter (Art. XY0-2100-J000-0000)

    • measuring
      range: 100...50000 mg/l TOC

    • 2 measuring

    • TOC-Difference

    • On-line measuring system designed for the
      discontinuous, automatic determination of the real total organic carbon
      (TOC) in water samples containing solids according to DIN EN 1484, ISO
      8245 and EPA 415, the total carbon (TC) and the inorganic carbon (TIC) in
      wastewater or process water for 2 measuring points, continuous measured
      value output for monitoring and control.

    • QuickTOC consists of an analysis level and a
      control/evaluation computer, which are structurally separate from one
      another, in a splash-proof, powder-coated steel housing with a
      transparent door.

    • Analysis level consisting of catalyst-free

    • Oxidation furnace with a working temperature of
      over 1200°C for recording the total carbon/nitrogen content, 2 internal
      hose pumps for conveying the sample from an external storage vessel or
      from the LAR - FlowSampler, stripping cell for driving out and measuring
      the inorganic carbon content, 2 flow-through sample storage vessels with
      magnetic stirrer, 2 storage vessels for standard solution, sample
      transfer and injection module, acid filter, carrier gas cooler, infrared
      analyzer system and one humidity sensor to protect the gas detectors from

    • Control and evaluation unit with industrial PC,
      menu-driven, Self-explanatory software with integrated help texts and
      plausibility check, splash-proof membrane keyboard, LCD graphic screen,
      display of the current measured values as hydrograph or in tabular form,
      display of the calibration data, Daily logs or 24-hour hydrographs,
      memory card included Operating software for the automatic start of the
      system after a power failure or interruption of operation automatic
      calibration function.

    • Technical data:

      • Measuring method: Thermal,
        catalyst-free combustion at variable working temperature up to 1200°C,

      • Measuring range: 100....50000 mg/l TOC
        adjustable according to application

      • Injection system: septumless injection port for
        thermal reactor

      • CO2 detector: NDIR gas analyzer

      • Sample application quantity: variable 10 - 600

      • Particle size: up to 0.8 mm

      • Measurement interval: 1 minute for TC, 4
        minutes for TOC difference determination, variably adjustable

      • Data outputs: 2 current outputs: 0/4 - 20 mA

      • Interface: serial RS 232

      • Status output: 4 relay contacts

      • Ambient conditions: non-aggressive environment,
        temperature 5 - 35 °C

      • Test mark: CE according to directive 2006/95/EG
        and 2006/42/EG

      • EMC Directive: 89/336/EEC; 2004/108/EEC

      • Main supply: 230 V / 50 Hz, max. 1200 VA,
        average approx. 700 VA fused with 16 A

      • Degree of protection: IP 54

      • Dimensions: 1020 x 700 x 520 mm (HxWxD)

      • Weight: approx. 115 kg

  • Equipment with pressure sensor (Art. 111181-020)

    • in the xy system

    • for monitoring the system pressure

  • Mounting frame for LAR analyzer (Art. 122000-000)

    • Tubular steel frame, free-standing, for mounting
      a LAR measuring system

    • powder-coated profile tube

    • Weight 45kg

  • FlowSampler for a sample stream made of PP (Art.

    • Device drain made of PVC

    • Particle separator FLOWSAMPLER for filter-free sample
      processing for continuous measurement systems using the principle of mass
      separation, low-maintenance, non-clogging

    • The sample is passed through the FlowSampler at
      high throughput.

    • The sample water is sucked off through a
      thin-walled tube in the opposite direction to the main flow.

    • Technical Data:

      • Made of PP, drainage angle of PVC

      • Raw water throughput: 5 ... 10 m3/h

      • Connections: inlet, outlet, sample

      • Dimensions: 940 x 596 mm (H x W)

  • Circulation air treatment for QuickTOC/COD (Art. 127020-000)

    • consisting of:

    • Housing with compressor, water separator, filter
      and storage tank for dist. Water and chemicals to produce CO2-free
      carrier gas.

    • Mounting on LAR mounting frame or wall.

    • Weight: 25kg

Delivery inclusive:

Wall mount

Power cord
without plug

installed ready for use


Additional consumables
from the warehouse:

Cuff seal for
thread (Stulpendichtung für Gewinde) GL32             in
stock: 7          

pump hose purpur/White
(Pumpenschlauch Purpur/weiß) 2,79mm        in
stock: 1              

pump hose (Pumpenschlauch) Marpren 4,8x1,6mm                       in
stock: 3 meter              

Slotted wiper discs (Abstreifscheiben
geschlitzt) GL32                   in
stock: 8          

Pump hose (Schlauch)
Viton 4x1mm                      in stock: 2 meter            

copolymer hose (FEP-Schlauch) 2,0x0,5   6
meters 6 meter

zinc filings (Zinkspäne)                  in
stock: 14x20g

brass wool (Messingwolle)          in stock: 3                         

Quartz wool (Quarzwolle)            in stock: 4                         

Ceramic balls for reactor filling (Keramikkugeln
für Reaktorbefüllung) 3,5-4,5m  in stock:

Ceramic balls for reactor filling (Keramikkugeln
für Reaktorbefüllung) 1,6mm     in stock:

Needle guide seal (Nadelführungsdichtung)         in stock: 18        

O-ring with
solid silicone core (O-Ring mit Silikonvollkern)            in stock: 2                         

seal reactor tube (Schutzdichtung Reaktorrohr)          in
stock: 4                         

O-ring furnace
head on top (O-Ring Ofenkopf oben)                      in
stock: 1          

O-Ring GL14                      in
stock: 1          

silicone oil (Silikonöl)      in stock: 40 ml

Banjo bolts with sleeve for hose (Hohlschrauben
mit Hülse für Schlauch) AD3,2  in stock:

temperature paste (Hochtemperaturpaste)              in
stock: 1                         

Spare parts from stock:

Sample vessel
AD=28mm                                           in stock: 3

vessel                                                        in
stock: 1                         

Rinsing vessel                                                               in
stock: 1                         

reactor tube                                                 in
stock: 1                         

protection tube                                           in
stock: 1                         

protective tube, short version                 in
stock: 1                         

Syringe (Spritze) 1ml                                                  in stock: 1          

Glass insert
for furnace head (Glaseinsatz für Ofenkopf)              in
stock: 1                         

Furnace valve
with PEEK plug (Ofenventil mit PEEK Küken)           in
stock: 1          

Thermocouple (Thermoelement)
Typ B                                             in
stock: 2                         

Hose connector for soft hoses with (Schlauchverbinder
für weiche Schläuche mit) 4mm    

in stock: 3

Cable for y-axis assembled with D-Sub socket (Kabel
für y-Achse konfektioniert mit D-Sub-Buchse)   in
stock: 1

Hose cassette PVDF (Schlauchkassette PVDF)     in stock: 2          

straight inlet fitting (gerade
Einlaufverschraubung)          in stock: 1          

Ceramic sieve
for reactor filling (Keramiksieb für Reaktorbefüllung)         in stock: 1              

Oven foot standoffs (Abstandsbolzen Ofenfuß)                in stock: 4

Oven foot
(used, serviced) (Ofenfuß (gebraucht, gewartet))        in stock: 1                         

Hose clamp (Schlauchklemme)                               in
stock: 2                         

Not inclusive in the

sample pump (submersible pump or similar) to pump the of the waste water to be
examined from the sampling point to the measuring device

Pump and
piping to the inlet/outlet of the flow sampler

The TIC-Port
is broken and not included in the delivery. It is possible to order a new
TIC-Port from the company.


The two
filters for conditioning the ambient air were not in use in Buxtehude.

We simply used the process air.

for use and service training documents are included.

The device needs maintenance by the manufacturer before it can be used again. We estimate costs with spare parts at 4000 - 5000 EURO. 

La Bour Taber

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1,1 KW
1,1 KW



20.47 x 27.56 x 40.16 in -
520 x 700 x 1020 MM -

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