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Homogeneizador Jet Solutions JS08-298

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Powder transfer system

Serial number: JS08 - P298

JS08 - 298 - 1: Powder Transfer System

JS08 - 298 - 2: Pump deported

Large Jet Injector "Liechti System"

Type: PST 40/50

Liquid Piping : 1 1/2" Tri-Clamp

Powder Connection: 50 mm / Tri-Clamp

Side connection: 40 mm / Tri-Clamp

Control opening: 25 mm / Tri-Clamp

Surface state: Poli RA < 0.4µm

Materials: AISI 304

Lob pump

Lobed pump to power the PST injector with circulation fluid.

Type: S2/018

Power: 3 KW

Flow: about 6 m³/h

Tension: 3 x 400V, 50 Hz

Protection: IP 55

Maximum pressure. 8 bar

Ex protection: Out of ATEX zone

Exit connections: 11/2" Tri-Clamp

Entry Connections: 11/2" Tri-Clamp

Seals: Double mechanical toppings

Seal execution: Sic / C

EPDM Elastomer

Pump materials: 1.4435

Engine cable length: 10 metres

Reducing engine

Integrated frequency variator in control cabinet

Chassis for pump

Each pump is attached to an independent chassis

Type: MS 40

Type of construction: Welded mechanic

Surface condition: Laminate

Materials: AISI 304

Pressure sensor

Pressure-measuring transmitter equipped with a separator. (installed before and after the injector)

Type: 990.18

Connecting according to DIN 11851

Polysilicon measuring cell with membrane welded metal.

Accuracy: ± 0.3%

Measurement range: -1 to 16 bar

Box: AISI 304 L

Output signal: 4-20 mA

Hopper for the introduction of powders

This hopper allows the bags to be loaded on one side.

Type: T 150

Volume: about 150 Litres

Emotter connection: DN 500

Surface state: Poli RA < 0.4m

Materials: AISI 316


- Removable grill, mesh 40 x 40 mm

- Door with table for unloading bags

- Vibrator plate

- Side channel for empty bag recovery

- Connection for dusting system

- Low-level detection for indication of powder in the hopper rotating-blade probe

- preparation of the hopper for the IPC

Extractor / emotteur

Extractor / rotary arm emotter to guarantee extraction of hard-flowing powder products

It's device also helps to break agglomerates sugar and thus avoid clogged when introduction into the injector

This system has already proven its worth with sugar compacted by transport and storage

- DN500 Entry Bride

- DN 65 exit bride for flexible connection

- Tension: 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz

- 1.5 kW gearbox

- Ex Protection: Out of Atex Zone

- AISI 316 stainless steel

- Interior Ra < 0.4 Um

- Fingers fasten on rotating arm

- Fingers attach to the edge of the pan

Valve for introduction of powders

Manual valve for the introduction of powders into Large Jet PST Injector

Type: ball

Entry / Exit - 50 mm / Tri-Clamp

Equipment: AISI 316 L


With pneumatic actuator (closed spring)

PST injector pipes

Lines from the facility connecting the Injector to Large Jet, and the pump.

All pipes are made with a slope to allow the installation to be emptied.

1 elbow 90 degrees before the pump

1 elbow 90 degrees after pumping

1 T for pressure sensor attachment

1 tube length 500mm after injector

2 Flexible pipe connections at the ends

Running: 11.2" Tri-Clamp

Materials: 316 L


Screw for lateral introduction of amino acids

In order to be able to precisely measure the amount of amino acids introduced into the PST injector, an introductory screw is installed on the injector.

The volume of the hopper on the screw: about 50 liters

(This hopper is intended for manual work with operator control)


- Look at hopper cone for level tracking

- Glass tube on screw end

- Disassembly by Tri-Clamp for washing

- Lid with washing nozzle

- Engine with built-in frequency dimmer

Execution : 11.2" Tri-Clamp

Materials: 316 L


Power: 0.5 KW

Tension: 3 x 400V, 50 Hz

Integrated frequency variator in control cabinet

Electrical control

Electrical control for the above project, allowing to order the various items such as:

- The unloading station

- Crushing

- The injector system

- The amino acid feeding system

The electrical control is carried out using a Siemens API with all the elements necessary for the operation of the facility such as relays, circuit breakers, switches, engine departures, ...

These elements are mounted in a steel cabinet and is an integral part of the installation.

The wiring of the elements, inside the cabinet, up to the different starting points are carried out in different areas plastic channels.

This electric cabinet is made to the standards and complies with the EC standard

Power voltage 3x 400 V - 50 HZ

Control voltage 24 VDC

The operator interface is carried out using an operator desk mounted in a stainless steel box and positioned at the operator's wear

Detail control cabinet

Dimensions 1600 x 800 x 300 mm


- 1 Siemens S7-300 programmable automaton, CPU 313C

- 1 Main Lock Switch

- 1 VAC 230 VAC circuit breaker game

- 1 24 VDC circuit breaker game

- 1 Power 24 VDC

- Various relays

- Frequency converter for pumps and endless screws

- Departure for the different engines

- Set of terminals 230 VAC

- Set of terminals 24 VDC

- Pneumatical electro valve for valve control

Detail of the operator's box


- 1 Terminal Operator Touch Panel TP177

Screen size 115 x 86 mm

Monochrome screen with 4 level of blue

Resolution 320 x 240 points

Protection IP65

- Emergency stop punch button

User documentation - maintenance

The documentation of the installation will be provided

French, in two copies, it includes:

- Equipment use manual

- Equipment installation manual

- General description of equipment

- Equipment technical sheets

- PID plans and diagrams

- Electric schematics

- Wiring log

- Post-sales service terms and conditions

- Guarantee data

- Documented training plan

- Equipment specifications

- Maintenance contracts

- Maintenance data

- Equipment maintenance notice

- List of spare parts

- Help to diagnose breakdowns

- Preventive maintenance plan

- Nomenclature of fluids and lubricants

- Security measures

- Auto certificates according to EN 10204 - 2.1

Jet Solutions


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43.70 x 68.90 x 0.20 in - 1499.13 lb
1110 x 1750 x 5 MM - 680 KGS

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