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Cimec AM DPS 12/12/1C Rinser Filler Crowner


Arol Crowner Eagle-C - 26mm Crown Cork
Cimec Pressure Sensitive Labeler, ETC 4T, s/n 1526, back, body and neck
5 Lane to 1 Infeed Table

2015 Cimec automatic rotary bottling tribloc packaging line for carbonated beverages with the following functions : 5 lane to 1 infeed table, 3 station (back, body, neck) pressure sensitive labeler, single-stage inverted rinse, double-pre-evacuation fill and single-head crown-cork 26mm, model AMERICA DPS 12/12/1, Arol Crowner EAGLE-C

Nominal speed: 3000 bottles per hour. Designed originally for 330 ml cylindrical glass bottles and has been running carbonated beer in 473 ml aluminum bottles for the last 3 years.

Product: carbonated beer
Infeed temp.: 0-4°C
Closure: ø.26mm Crown cork
Built by: CIMEC SRL

12 Head Rinsing unit - fixed nozzle version – single stage (with water) The rinsing turret is manufactured in stainless steel AISI304. The parts in contact with the cleaning fluid are manufactured in alimentary industry-graded materials.
The Unit is equipped with a lifting system to adjust the distance between the grippers and the passage level to the various bottle heights. The movement of the mechanical parts is made by means of a chain of gears that are of steel and plastic material alternatively to improve noiselessness.

12 Valve Counter-Pressure Filler with double pre-vacuum and high pressure type “AMERICA DPS 12”. The base of the machine is a firmly welded structure with height adjustable supports, resistant to bending or vibration. Upon the base is fitted: the main filler support, the driving system (drive motor and a worm gear reducer), the cam for lowering the air recuperation cylinders, the helical gears which drive the entry/exit stars, and the scroll. All components can be easily inspected thereby simplifying all cleaning and maintenance operations. The rotary plate, supporting the tank, is connected to the machine base by a bearing disc with a large diameter and guided by self-lubricating guide bushings. A tooth wheel driven by a gear motor is fixed on the rotary plate holding the cylinders, the rotary plate is welded to guarantee absolute rigidity. The air recuperation cylinders are raised by compressed air and lowered by a cam. The compressed air distribution system is connected to all cylinders and is adjusted with a self-lubricating pressure reducer. The filling nozzles bolted to the isobaric tank can be easily dismantled thereby simplifying cleaning and maintenance operations. On the electrical panel there are low tension push-button control machine and thermal relays. In addition, safety switches are placed both on scroll and inlet/outlet stars. All parts in contact with filling liquids are made made 304 AISI stainless steel. All machine parts in contact with the product are made from stainless steel AISI 304, while all the seals are in PTFE-EPDM-VITON, FDA certified and are resistant most common types of sanitation. The bowl (pressure vessel), made from thick stainless steel, can work at a pressure of max 6 bar (tested at a pressure of 7 bar in compliance with P.E.D. safety directives). It is complete with a detachable access doors, highly polished with mirror type in the inner side. Min./Max Probe product control level are located on the pressure bowl cover. On the front side of the bowl there is a small inspection window. The product vessel is connected to the central distribution system of the filler by a feeding pipe which is fitted with an isolating valve. Smaller pipes connect the central distribution system to the pressure bowl. The filling nozzles are fixed to the bowl by means of bolts which can be easily dismantled. The bottle aligning guides are made in stainless steel AISI 304.

Single filer loading table 2 meters long

The type DPS filling-valve is designed expressly for beer, cider and other carbonated beverages that are
sensitive to oxygen degradation. It is a double pre-evacuation valve that reduces oxygen in the bottle to
negligible levels.

Automatic Single-Head Crowning Unit “AROL, EAGLE-C”
Suitable to apply 26 mm crown finish, on glass bottles. We have adapted it to crown 473 ml aluminum

Type of closure:
Crown 26 mm, Bottle size range: max. diam. 110 mm; bottles height range 180 to 350 mm, Crowning
turret equipped with: Vibrating sorter (without sound proof cover), made of AISI 304 stainless steel, with a cap level
monitoring device, Chute, made of AISI 304 stainless steel, equipped with cap presence monitoring device. Pressure-closing head with cone for permanent cap deformation, Control cam for the head piston made of high density plastic material, to protect against deformation. Device for capping-head height adjustment in order to allow extra container sizes handling. Starwheel shaft with 10-pocket starwheel for smooth bottle transfer without excessively shaking the product.

Other features: Vacuum pump, ring type, fitted with small tank in stainless 304: Adjustable fobbing prior to crowning, manual lubricator with greaser, series of adjustable feet with stainless steel threaded bar, standard bottles running direction: from left to right (clockwise). Waterproof electric panel in stainless steel with low voltage controls, plc, inverter and display :
Complete labeler/rinser/filler/crowner changeover parts for 750 ml bottle, complete set of CIP cups: PLC : SIEMENS, DISPLAY PANEL : SIEMENS, INVERTER : SIEMENS, ELECTRO-MECHANICS: SCHNEIDER

User Manual, SOP’s available, bottle rinse off station

Machine Dimensions:

Infeed Table: L - 2642 mm (104”) x W – 838 (33”) x H – 1207 mm (47.5”)
Rinser/Filler/Crowner: L – 3429 mm (135”) x W - 60” x H – 2540 mm (100”)
Filler Conveyor Drive: L – 1219 mm (48”) x W – 457 mm (18”) x H – 1207 mm (47.5”)
Vacuum Pump L – 812 mm (32”) x W – 660 mm (26”) x H – 609 mm (24”)



AM DPS 12/12/1C
AM DPS 12/12/1C

Número de serie:

473 ML
473 ML

Marca CE:

Velocidad de la capacidad:
3000 BPH
3000 BPH

Productos elaborados:
Aluminum Bottles
Aluminum Bottles




11 KW
11 KW

Empaque recomendado:


460.63 x 3429 x 2540 in - 10000 LBS
11700 x 87096.60 x 64516.00 MM - 4536.00 kg

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