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Manejadora de Líquidos Tecan FREEDOM EVO-2 150 Base

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TECAN Freedom EVO-2 150 Liquid Handler System **This unit has been tested as far as we could. Software/computer included. Unit need Accessories for complete test. Has minimal cosmetic blemishes from normal use. See photos for further details. Freedom EVO150base unit Our core liquid handling and robotics workstation for small, busy laboratories or medium to high throughput research and diagnostic laboratories. The larger footprint significantly increases the integration area for devices, enabling a broad range of automated processes. This proven platform enables you to create your system according to your specific needs with the help of our automation specialists, or as alternative to select a preconfigured automation solution for your application. Your Freedom EVO can evolve as your needs change. The instrument design offers liquid handling and robotic elements that work together to automate your process and optimize your workflow. Parallel processing increases speed, enhances throughput, ensures assay reproducibility and provides efficient use of resources. 45 grids of worktable space Up to three arms can be mounted Convenient Air LiHa Arm This innovative air displacement arm provides accurate and reliable pipetting without the need for system liquids, providing greater convenience and lower maintenance requirements for applications using disposable tips. Available with four or eight pipetting channels, it offers a broad volume range from 0.5 to 1,000 l per channel, with non-contact dispensing down to 0.5 l. Precision Liquid LiHa Arm The Liquid LiHa is offered with disposable or fixed tips. Fast wash pumps ensure total system cleanliness through rapid washing of fixed tips from behind to minimize sample carry-over. All LiHa arms offer variable Y-spacing, enabling sample transfers to and from a variety of labware types. True parallel processing Simultaneous pipetting of 96 channels provides timely addition of liquids directly into microplates. Pipette with 96, 12 or 8 tips: The MCA 96 head can also operate as an 8- or 12-channel pipette by picking up a single column or row of disposable tips. This feature can be used to pipette standards, controls or to conduct serial dilutions. Reduction in running costs: The MCA 96 has the flexibility to work with both disposable and washable tips, which can be automatically exchanged during a run. Using washable fixed tips for the pipetting of reagents, buffers or solvents offers a reduction in running costs. Robotic arms The robotic arms transport microplates, tubes and other labware quickly and efficiently between worktable, peripheral devices and labware storage enabling longer assay runs and walk-away time. Highly effective orbital microplate shaker with heating option Tecan's Te-Shake handles microplates, deep-well plates and PCR tubes, with the added option of sample heating up to 80 C. Process scale-up can be realized by parallel use of multiple Te-Shake options on one single workstation. With its dynamic shaking range, configurable orbit/amplitude and variable rotating direction, Te-Shake allows easy optimization of extended mixing protocols. Automated solution for vacuum solid phase extraction The Te-VacS is a complete automation option for cartridge-based filtration and solid phase extraction (SPE). The system can be assembled by the RoMa Arm for fully automated operations, and is ideally suited to DNA/RNA extraction and compound purification. Different modes of smooth pressure regulation allows safe sample extractions without contamination. High throughput vacuum separation module Two independently controlled vacuum positions Software-controlled vacuum pressure with feedback loop Powerful temperature control Temperature control is crucial for many molecular biology and ADMET applications, both on and off the worktable. Tecans MIO monitored incubation option (RT +5 to 60 C) provides incubation for four or six microplates on the workdeck, with or without shaking, and is ideally suited to ELISA and cell-based assay applications. Controlled incubation directly on the worktable: Several incubator modules may be combined to provide different temperatures and environmental conditions on the same Freedom EVO workstation. Plate and tip stacking option The Te-Stack module gives laboratories an efficient and affordable way to automate the storage, retrieval and delivery of microplates and disposable tips, for unprecedented process throughput in a wide range of genomics, proteomics, and drug discovery applications. Right or left side integration possible Holds up to 40 standard or 13 deep-well plates or up to 40 nested tips per stack Precise retrieval and delivery in under 5 seconds The Te-Stack eliminates programming-intensive operations that impede throughput and hamper process reliability Random access for up to 280 microplates This is a fast access storage system, which gives users increased walkaway time and is ideal for high throughput applications in genomics, drug discovery and proteomics. The Carousel provides unmatched speed for random access to 280 microplates, with an average access time of just 12 seconds per plate. One unit can efficiently handle microplates, half-height plates and deep-well plates. Storage capacity of up to 280 microplates Average access time of just 12 seconds per plate Configurable storage slots Barcode scanner Easy integration with Freedom EVO Positive Identification System PosID provides automatic barcode reading for labware and carriers at any position on the worktable. Carriers and labware can be automatically identified before or during processing, confirming the identity of samples, reagents and assay vessels.


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FREEDOM EVO-2 150 Base
FREEDOM EVO-2 150 Base


92.00 x 34.00 x 85.00 IN - 1.00 Pounds
2336.80 x 863.60 x 2159.00 mm - 0.45 kg

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