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Sistema HPLC Shimadzu Prominence UFLC

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Shimadzu Prominence Ultra Fast Liquid Chromatography UFLC HPLC System
***This unit was tested as far as we could. We don't have the software to fully test this UFLC HPLC System. Instruments power on without errors. Unit has slight wear from normal use. (CBM 20A & DGU-20A5R is missing front panel cover). Buyer can expect everything pictured with 30-day warranty. See photos for details.


Shimadzu SIL20AC HT Prominence Auto Sampler
Shimadzu CTO-20AC Prominence Column Oven
Shimadzu LC-20AD Prominence Liquid Chromatograph (Qty: 4)
Shimadzu DGU-20A 5R Prominence Degassing Unit
Shimadzu CBM-20A Prominence Communications Bus Module
Shimadzu FCV-11AL Valve Unit
Shimadzu Reservoir Tray
The Shimadzu Prominence is a HPLC system that meets the demands of many of todays advanced users. Many analysis techniques use LCMS, which requires a front-end HPLC system to provide solvent delivery performance in the micro to semi-micro range and injectors with low sample carryover.

HPLC systems are currently used in a wide variety of fields. Higher reliability in analysis data and higher efficiency in total analysis workflow are required for faster development of new drugs, for better food safety, and for meeting higher standards in environmental regulations. Many analysis techniques use LCMS, which requires a front-end HPLC system to provide solvent delivery performance in the micro to semi-micro range and injectors with low sample carryover.Prominenceis a network-ready HPLC system that meets the demands of todays advanced users.Prominencefeatures the world's first Web control, fastest sample injection, and highest detection sensitivity performancefunctions that surpass current HPLC technology.
The modular Prominence HPLC series delivers even more accurate and reproducible data while maintaining the flexibility for which Shimadzu HPLC instrumentation is known

Capable of system pressures in excess of 9500 psi (66MPa), and accompanied by the XR lineup of columns that features a choice of seven bonded phases, the Prominence UFLCXR delivers powerful high-pressure analysiswithout sacrificing performance, reliability, or ruggedness. Utilizing standard components, Prominence UFLC raises total system productivity by generating high-quality, reproducible data without compromise.

Key components include SIL-20A/AC autosamplers, which deliver virtually zero carryover and a cycle time of just 10 seconds, LC-20AD/AB/AT Pumps, which provide unmatched gradient speed and precision, CBM-20A/AliteThe worlds first web-based controller, the CBM enables users to setup, control, and monitor their HPLC remotely; the speed of these controllers makes them ideal for ultrafast LC, SPD-20A/AV/M20A UV/PDA Detectors, which ensure fast sampling with exceptional sensitivity and stability, RF-20A/Axs Fluorescence DetectorsThe highest sensitivity levels, to meet the demanding analysis requirements of trace-level components while retaining the acquisition speeds necessary for ultrafast analysis; other detector options include ELSD, RID, and CDD.

The modular components interact with the precision of an integrated system while allowing innumerable configurationsletting you design the system that best fits your needs.


The SIL-20AC is equipped with a sample cooler with a built-in dehumidifier to minimize condensation problems. Samples can be maintained at a fixed temperature from 4C to 40C. Temperature equilibration is rapid and uniform, so heat or cold sensitive sample constituents remain stable.

TheCTO-20Ais a forced air-circulation-type column oven. It can regulate the temperature in a range going from 10 deg. C above room temperature to 85 deg. C. The CTO-20AC, using an electronic cooler, can regulate the temperature in a large range going from 10 deg. C below room temperature to 85 deg. C. In addition to the column, various other parts and units can be accommodated, including a manual injector, gradient mixer, high-pressure flow-line selection valves, a conductivity-detection cell block, and a reaction coil.

The Shimadzu LC-20AD Prominence is a high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) pump used in analytical chemistry. It is designed for precise and accurate delivery of solvents in HPLC applications. The LC-20AD features a compact design, low noise operation, and easy maintenance.
DGU-20A 5R

Removing dissolved gases in mobile phases is an important step for ensuring proper function of pump check valves, and to prevent outgassing in the detector flow cell. The degassing units feature extremely efficient degassing in a low-volume, compact design. Each degassing unit can be powered by a LC-20A or LC-30A series pump, and the pump control panel can display the degassing unit vacuum level.

The CBM-20A/20Alite is a system controller equipped with a data buffering function and acts as an interface for connecting LC workstations, network-client computers, and analytical instruments via Ethernet. Up to eight units can be connected to the box-type CBM-20A. The card-type CBM-20Alite is used by incorporating it into an LC-20A-Series solvent delivery pump or auto-sampler. It can control up to five units, including the unit in which it is incorporated.

The FCV-11AL/FCV-11ALS provide switching between two solvents. The FCV-11AL can supply up to three solvent delivery units, whereas the FCV-11ALS is used for one unit. It can be controlled from the LC-20AP/20AR front panel directly or through a system controller CBM-20A/20Alite and workstation software.
Capable of switching solvents using solenoid valves.


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L20354956137 US1
L20354956137 US1

Prominence UFLC
Prominence UFLC


26.00 x 25.00 x 42.00 IN - 280.00 LBS
660.40 x 635.00 x 1066.80 mm - 127.01 kg

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