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Epoxy Dispense

Here is an example of what such a machine looks like: https://www.indiamart.com/proddetail/electronic-potting-machine-2850472180491.html. There are lots of different designs out there. We need a machine that measures out a 7:1 ratio of Part A and Part B of epoxy, via piston draw or some other method, pushes it through hoses/lines and then combines the liquids by pushing it through a (preferably disposable) mixing head. (You will see a mixing head in the supplied example- the nozzle pointing downward on the machine.) If the mixing head is not disposable, the machine will have a method for flushing the head/nozzle with a cleaning product like acetone- to stop the mixed epoxy from curing inside that part of the machine.

We are looking for a large scale potting/epoxy machine (it goes by both names), because we dispense large doses of epoxy into our products- up to ~330mL of volume. Certainly the machine could dispense the full volume in a few smaller doses, that would be fine too, but we wouldn’t want to have to press the dispense button 100 times for one product, if that makes sense!

The machine needs to have adjustable dosing- so that we can output different volumes from the machine. We need a dosing accuracy of no more than 1%.

We are looking for secondhand/readily available options as new machines have lead times of at least 6 weeks and we are in a more urgent situation. Please reach out with any further questions or requests for information, I really appreciate your help with sourcing a replacement machine!

Epoxy Dispense
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