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General MarketPlace Questions

How do I register?

You can register here using the exact company name that is on your company’s W-9 or corporate return. Verify your company’s address, fill in appropriate boxes, then click submit. View the How to Register video.

What If I forget my username/password?

If you forget your username or password, click here, enter your email address and we will email you your account information. If you forget your email address, please contact your sales representative.

What is the difference between MarketPlace transactions and Auction events?

EquipNet’s MarketPlace provides used equipment listings that are available for purchase through the site or one of our experienced sales representatives. Auctions are scheduled events for selling a large group of used equipment from client facilities. You may negotiate the price of a listing on MarketPlace at anytime while Auction events are only open to bidders during a specific period and equipment is sold to the highest bidder at the end of the auction. To learn more about EquipNet Auctions, please click here.

Questions for Buyers

Can I compare listing specifications?

You can choose up to four listings to compare by searching MarketPlace. After checking the compare box and clicking "compare selected" you will be directed to a new page where the listing specifications are compared side-by-side giving you the opportunity to compare specifications, such as condition or width.

What options do I have to view and search for equipment?

We have a few different ways for you to view equipment. Search for equipment using the Equipment Search, the Advanced Search, or the Site Search. You can also view larger groups of equipment by viewing our full list of current projects. View our video tutorial regarding our search options here.

The Equipment Search
Our Equipment Search allows you to search for equipment by manufacturer, category or equipment, or model number, along with any word that would have been used in the title of the listing. You can then filter your search to narrow your equipment search down even further. All listings can be filtered by Manufacturer, Region, Country and Price. Some filters are specific to certain categories. For instance when searching for “tanks” you have the option of filtering by Material of Construction, Capacity Size, Jacketed, and/or Agitation in addition to filtering by Manufacturer, Region, Country, and/or Price.
Searching by manufacturers shows available listings by specific manufacturers. OEM's with items currently being listed include: Bosch, Agilent, Glatt, and Pfaudler. View a full list of our current manufacturers here.
Searching by category search for the class or division that a piece of equipment in our inventory falls under. All listings within a specific category share a particular characteristic. Equipment Categories include: analyzers, fillers, HPLC, and tanks

The Advanced Search
The Advanced Search searches for everything the Equipment Search searches for, but also allows you to search by Region, Country, State, and Price and within these searches you have the option to filter by Featured Listings, New Listings, or Auction Listings.

The Site Search
The Site Search is located in the upper right corner of our website and allows you to search blog posts, services pages, and our news pages.

A project is a group of listings being sold from the same seller usually from the same location. You can put an offer in on multiple listings within a single project and purchase these listings without creating separate logistics orders. View a current list of active projects here.

I don't see what I am looking for, can I be notified when a specific piece of equipment becomes available?

Yes, Notification Agents are email alerts set up to deploy when new equipment matches your selected category, manufacturer or region. Create a new Notification Agent by navigating to My EquipNet > My Buying or by clicking here.

Or, If you are not able to find the piece of equipment you are looking for, please contact us or click the We’ll find it for you link at the top of the search page and we will work to find the item for you.

Where can I view recently posted equipment?

Equipment that is New to Site has been posted on the site within the past 30 days. You can filter your search results by equipment marked new to site by checking the "View listings posted in last 30 days" check box in the equipment search or view all listings marked New to Site by clicking here.

How can I view and pay my invoice?

Your invoices are sent via email initially and can also be viewed from the MyEquipNet section of the website. Our payment instructions can be found at the bottom of your invoice. We prefer to be paid by electronic funds, however for US invoices we do accept checks (equipment will not be released for 4 business days after receipt of check) and credit cards. (Master Card, VISA and Discover).

Can I view my past purchases?

You can view past purchases in the MyEquipNet section of the website under My Buying. You can access this page by navigating to My EquipNet > My Buying.

How do I make an offer?

You can make an offer by logging in and clicking the green Make an Offer button on the equipment’s listing page and following the instructions. When you click to make your offer, you will be given the opportunity to make an offer on other equipment for sale at the same location by the same seller. By combining your offer on multiple listings into one you can lower your shipping costs per item. View the How to Make an Offer video.

Will you arrange the shipping of my equipment?

Yes, we have an in-house Logistics Department that can provide you a quote and coordinate your pickup. View more about Logistics here.

Can I inspect the equipment?

In most cases, equipment is available for you to inspect. We recommend that each customer schedule an inspection before final purchase. You can schedule an inspection by either contacting your sales representative, or by clicking the Request Inspection button found on the listing page. Why we recommend inspection.

Why are listing prices shown in different currencies?

Since we help businesses sell equipment all over the world, there is a wide array of acceptable currencies. This means that you must pay in the form of the “seller’s acceptable currency” noted on the listing page.

Can I change the currency?

As a buyer you must pay the seller's acceptable currency as shown on the listing page. As a buyer you have the option of changing your acceptable currency by updating your MyEquipNet account online or with your project manager. You can access this page by navigating to MyEquipNet > My Account or by clicking the Change Preferred Currency link below the Price filters. Once on the My Account page, the Currency dropdown is about halfway down the page. If you do not see your currency listed please contact us and we will work to add it to our site. You can also use the Currency Calculator tool at the top of the Search Results Page.

Where can I find discounted listings?

Price Drops are listings with asking prices that have been dropped below the seller’s original asking price. View all Price Drops here.

What fees are associated with purchasing equipment on MarketPlace?

In addition to the sale price, there is an industry standard, non-negotiable, buyer’s premium for MarketPlace transactions. Please click here to view our buyer terms. Also, each seller may have their own loading cost requirement. For more information regarding fees, please contact your Sales Representative to inquire on a “per listing” basis. Auction transactions have a different fee structure.

Is there any warranty or guarantee that the equipment is in good operating condition?

Unless the listing is marked as “EquipNet Certified,” the equipment is sold as-is, where-is. As such, whenever feasible and possible, we encourage customers to do an inspection prior to your purchase. Learn more about “EquipNet Certified” listings here.

Where is the equipment located?

We represent equipment that is located in our clients’ facilities all around the world but we also house equipment for our clients. Our Canton, MA location is our corporate HQ with a 100,000 square foot consignment warehouse. We also have warehouses in Mexico, the United Kingdom, and France. You can view equipment in your region by using our Equipment Search and filtering by region or our Advanced Search and searching by State, City, or Zip Code.

Is there a difference between “view listings from this location” vs. “view listings from this project?”

Yes, a project is defined by a set of equipment owned by the same seller. In a case where the seller needs the equipment out of their facility, we often store it at one of our consignment warehouses. Therefore, multiple “projects” can be found at one location (i.e. our 5 Dan Rd, Canton MA warehouse facility).

What is included with the listing?

The description of the listing covers everything included for sale. The listing photos help represent the equipment for sale but are not an official representation of what is included in the listing.

Is the price negotiable?

We encourage you to make an offer against the listing price. From our MarketPlace, within any listing you can make your offer by clicking the green "make an offer" button. Any accepted offer is subject to our buyer’s premium as well as any logistics and/or additional services requested as explained in our Terms & Conditions.

Questions for Sellers

Are buyers looking for certain equipment?

Wanted Equipment is a list of equipment that our customers are currently looking for that we currently do not have a match for. If you have a piece of equipment that matches a Wanted Equipment listing, please contact one of our Sales Representatives. View and search our current wanted listings by clicking here.

How do I sell my equipment?

Call your nearest sales team, email us at sales@equipnet.com, or fill in this contact us form.

Can I view my past transactions?

You can view past transactions in the MyEquipNet section of the website under My Selling. You can access this page by navigating to My EquipNet > My Selling.

Who coordinates and pays for logistics?

The cost of logistics is paid for by the buyer, while EquipNet will coordinate the collection/removal, packaging, and shipment.

How do I self post listings?

Follow our step-by-step tutorial on how to self post listings: View the How to Self Post Listings video.

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Why would I want transit insurance?

Cargo Insurance covers the property being transported by the trucker. Your coverage and limits vary based on the type of commodity being hauled and the value necessary to cover the load.

Will I know When my equipment ships?

Once your order payment has posted in our system, our logistics team will confirm payment receipt, and continue with shipping status updates until delivery.

What is rigging?

The traditional definition of a rigger is a person that uses hoists and pulleys. The industry extends the term to define anyone engaged in the lifting, moving and transporting, positioning, pulling and securing of heavy equipment, machines and oversized loads.

If I pay by check, will the logistics take longer than if I pay by credit card?

Yes; paying by wire or credit card is always the fastest and preferred method if you’re in a hurry to receive your equipment.

Do international quotes take longer to obtain the pricing than domestic quotes?

Yes, international quotes will take longer because of the time difference and what’s in involved with customs and paperwork.

What is skidding?

Skidding is a flat transport structure that supports goods in a stable fashion while being lifted by a forklift, pallet jack, front loader, work saver or other jacking device. A pallet is the structural foundation of a unit load which allows handling and storage efficiencies. Goods or shipping containers are often placed on a pallet secured with strapping, stretch wrap or shrink wrap and shipped. View the skidding process video.

What is packing?

Packing is bubble wrapping or cushioning your equipment inside a box for shipment.

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How do I register for an Auction?

In-order to register for an auction you must first register on our overall site. View our video on how to register for EquipNet.com here. Once you have registered on our site you can register for an auction by clicking the “Register for this Auction” button on the auction landing page. You must register for each auction separately. View our video on how to register for an EquipNet auction here.

What are EquipNet SmartAuctions™?

EquipNet SmartAuctions™ use colored indicators to show the status of a lot. Our SmartAuction™ status indicators automatically update you on the changing status of your bid.

How do SmartAuctions™ work?

All bids in our SmartAuctions™ will be measured against our Confirmed Sale Range indicating that your bid price is high enough to confirm the sale if yours is the highest bid at the close of the auction.

What do the SmartAuction™ status indicators mean?

Red Status Indicator

No bids have been entered for this listing yet.

Yellow Status Indicator

Bids have been entered and the listing is open for further bids. At the close of the Auction, any listing still displaying the yellow status indicates that the high bid for this listing remains below the Confirmed Sale Range. With EquipNet's SmartAuctions, your bid still has a chance to be accepted. We will contact the seller to request approval of your bid price and confirm the sale.
During the yellow status indicator stage, bids of any amount are encouraged, even a bid as low as $1. Any bid has the possibility of being reviewed and confirmed by the seller.

Green Status Indicator

Bidding has entered into the Confirmed Sale Range and this item will be sold to the highest bidder at the conclusion of the auction.

How does proxy-bid work?

Bidders can and are encouraged to bid the maximum amount that you are willing to spend on listings that you want to purchase. EquipNet will bid incrementally on your behalf up to your maximum bid. Your maximum bid is kept completely confidential from other EquipNet buyers and sellers.

Example: Min Bid = $1,000 Your Maximum Bid = $5,000 Bid Increment = $100

You’re winning at $1,100. If another participant bids $1,200, you instantly are winning at $1,300 because the system bids for you up to your maximum.

However, if someone else puts in his or her maximum bid at $5,500, you will be loosing at $5,100 because your maximum bid has been overtaken.

What is the next acceptable bid?

A next acceptable bid is a single bid that you wish to submit the specific dollar amount shown.

What Happens as Bids Move Higher?

When the bidding continues higher and enters the Confirmed Sale Range, the Yellow Status Indicator changes to a Green Status Indicator signalling that this listing will be sold to the highest bidder at the close of the auction. Watch closely as this change from Yellow to Green can happen at any time when the seller approves a sale.

How do I keep track of lots that interest to me?

To track the bidding activity of certain items, use the Watch List feature. Useful for Buyers and Sellers alike, it puts items from different categories into one place. (Requires an account.) If a lot is of interest to you, click the link "Add Item to Watch List" within the listing page. You can manage your Watch List from the "My EquipNet" page. Adding items to your Watch List is a great way to receive updates on the items that most interest you.

Can I retract or change a bid in an Online Auction?

Once Bids are submitted you cannot remove or modify them, although you can place additional bids. If you make a mistake in your bid, please call our hotline and a Sales Representative will assist you.

Will I be notified if my bid is outbid?

Yes. You will receive an email notification alert.

What is an opening bid, and how does it affect my bidding?

The opening bid is the price at which interested buyers can start bidding. The system will reject any offer below this value.

Why did my bid price increase by more than the minimum bid increment?

This happens in the case of simultaneous bids and especially when Maximum Bids are utilized. If two bids occur in close succession, the bid price is driven up by both bids and may appear to occur simultaneously. For example, if Buyer A bids $1,000 on a $500 item and Buyer B bids $1,100 on the same item, the current high bid automatically jumps to $1,100 from $500 with Buyer B winning because the system is automatically bidding for both buyers up to their maximum amount.

Why isn’t my bid appearing online?

When you view pages from the web, they may be "cached" to your hard drive to save you time. That means that when you want to look for your bid online, it won’t appear on the bid page until you clear your cache. We recommend changing your cache setting to "0" in your browser settings or hitting "reload" frequently.

What is a Bid Increment?

The amount by which a bid will be raised each time the current bid is outdone. It is either set manually or computer generated based on the current winning bid amount. Current Bid + Bid Increment = Next Bid.

What is a Buyer’s Premium? (Auctions)

A percentage of the final bid price that the buyer must pay. It is a fee charged by EquipNet, Inc. to assist with the costs of offering the item for sale. The buyer's premium is part of the total purchase price of an item. The premium is a percentage of the final price of a listing (item). For example, if an auction charges a buyer's premium of 15% for amounts below $1,000, you will be required to pay an additional $75 for a lot totaling $500.

What is the duration of an online auction?

Our online auctions have a predetermined duration with a designated closing time. EquipNet, Inc. reserves the right to close or extend an auction in accordance with Popcorn Bidding rules.

What is an auction lot?

For Online Auctions, a Lot is a single asset or group of assets to be sold as a single unit. The starting bid will reflect the overall total cost, not the cost per item. For instance, if the Lot includes 5 items at $5,000 per, the winning bid would be $25,000 ($5,000 x 5).

What is Popcorn Bidding?

If there are any bids within 5 minutes of the close of the auction, the close time for that specific item will be extended in 5-minute increments until there are no bids by the end of the following 5-minute block.

Example: If listing 1234 receives a bid at 4:56 PM on Friday (4 minutes before the close of the auction), the close time for that particular lot will be extended to 5:05 PM. If that lot receives another bid at 5:04 PM, the close time is extended to 5:10 PM. If there are no more bids between 5:05 and 5:10 PM, the lot will close at 5:10 PM.

There is no limit to the number of times an auction can be extended. Therefore, EquipNet, Inc. recommends that you check back often as an auction nears closing time.

What is the reserve price?

A reserve is the minimum price a seller is willing to accept for the item. Reserve prices are kept confidential. The seller is not obligated to sell an item if the reserve price is not met. The winning bid must meet or exceed the reserve price.

How do I pay my auctions invoice?

Your invoice can be paid directly through logging into your MyEquipNet account on EquipNet.com. View our video tutorial here for more information on paying your auctions invoice.