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Imagine your capital assets supply chain in one central place.
When you hire EquipNet to manage your surplus assets on a global level, you can consider us a partner in that process. EquipNet acts as an extension of your procurement team and will be proactive so your company can be confident about its current supply chain. EquipNet provides its customers with options when it comes to an equipment sustainability program. We have fortune 500 companies utilizing EquipNet's all-inclusive model, while other companies prefer a tailored approach that involves internal redeployment and external sales, either combined or acting independently.
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EquipNet is proud to announce it’s part of the 3S Circular Network

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EquipNet can tailor its all-inclusive model to fit the needs of your company.
Our clients choose the best services to support their supply chain and overall sustainability goals.

Internal Redeployments Through ARMS

Track, Redeploy, and Sell Your Surplus Equipment Globally with ARMS™. Our corporate clients are able to gain visibility across their organizations using EquipNet’s proprietary Asset Redeployment Management System. ARMS™ is a secure web-based interface that allows clients to proactively identify, post, track, redeploy, and sell surplus or idle equipment.

External Sales Through EquipNet

EquipNet is the largest online venue for pre-owned manufacturing, packaging, laboratory, test, electronics, and facility support equipment. Sell your equipment amongst 1,000+ equipment categories, by choosing one of EquipNet’s 3 sales channels, that best fits your needs: MarketPlace, Auctions and Own It Now.

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Landfill Avoidance Tracking

Measuring our clients' waste diversion on a global scale
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Global Healthcare company (Merck)
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Leading manufacturer of nutrition, hygiene and personal care products (Unilever)
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Multinational developing medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer packaged goods (J&J)
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Multinational pharmaceutical manufacturer (Novartis)
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The amount of waste EquipNet has diverted from landfills

All-Inclusive Equipment Sustainability Program

Surplus Identification

Identify idle equipment across your global facilities. Don’t have time? EquipNet will take that burden off you and reach out to facilities on your behalf to identify surplus.


Utilize EquipNet’s proprietary ARMS software to facilitate redeployments internally. EquipNet has the ability to manage the transfer of your company’s assets through its global logistics services.

External Sales

Sell your surplus equipment externally through one of EquipNet's 3 sales channels: MarketPlace, Auctions and Own It Now.


Is your equipment at the end of its life cycle? EquipNet provides an environmentally friendly, safe and secure recycling program that complies with EPA, EEA and other regional guidelines.


EquipNet provides real-time reporting that shows redeployment savings, items listed for redeployment, items listed for sale, sales revenue, and more.

Sustainability Benefits

Create a circular economy and focus on sustainability initiatives with EquipNet’s three-phase approach for managing your surplus equipment.

Ensure Compliance

By managing asset disposals through a standardized, transparent process, your company ensures that the proper legal protections are in place and that all transactions comply with applicable corporate and government regulations.

Landfill Avoidance

Substantial metric tons of surplus equipment previously destined for landfill is diverted for Re-Use (Internal and External).

Environmental Recycling

EquipNet provides an environmentally friendly, safe and secure recycling program that complies with local and federal EPA guidelines.

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