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Sell your surplus equipment on our global MarketPlace or alongside similar equipment in one of our industry-specific global auctions. You can list one piece of equipment at a time or hundreds. EquipNet’s Team will work with you to select the sales channel that best fits your timeline to help you generate the highest returns. You are 3 steps away from selling your surplus:
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OEM, category, year. Add all basic info to create a pre-listing.
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Our Team will be in touch within 24h to review info and discuss price and sales channel.
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Benefits of Selling with EquipNet

  • No cost to list equipment
  • Largest online MarketPlace in the world with hundreds of millions of dollars of manufacturing, packaging, laboratory, test, electronics, and facility support equipment.
  • Industry-specific global sales team ready to help you in a variety of languages
  • Desktop evaluations, inventory services, and certified appraisals available
  • Warehouse consignment available at a variety of global locations
  • Multiple channels to sell through

Best Photo Practices to Sell Your Equipment

Please include a minimum of five (5) photos. Include photos of all sides of the equipment, important components, name plates, covers of manuals/software, change parts/tooling, items associated with sale of listing, previously run products, noticeable damage, and any additional photos that will enhance the listing. Be sure to light the equipment well when taking photos. Avoid glare, shadows, blurring, and other distractions that take away from the quality of the photo. Use the highest resolution setting whenever possible. Please also include any PDF manuals or plans for a more complete listing.

EquipNet's Value-Based Sales Channels

Each sales channel provides a unique opportunity to target the right buyers, within the necessary timeframe, at the best price.

Recommended Guide for Channel by Value


  • Assigned a Project Manager
  • Reduced Sales Commission
  • Full Sales Commission
  • Proactive Marketing of Equipment by Sales Department
  • Ability to Self Post

  • Exclusive
  • Exclusive
  • Exclusive
  • Exclusive

  • Non-Exclusive
  • Non-Exclusive

Questions about Selling Equipment?

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