EquipNet's Listing Subscription Service for Dealers

Dedicated Exposure on EquipNet.com for One Fixed Price!

What WE Do

Fixed Subscription Fee

No Seller's Commission!

10% Discount When Paying Full Year Upfront

Hassle Free Services

• Automatically mirror your inventory on our site
• Provide a dedicated page to promote your inventory
• Feature your equipment in our search results

• Provide multiple selling options: MarketPlace, Online Auction, Own It Now
• Execute all marketing (Landing Page, Emails, Social Media, and more)
• Provide SEO visibility – EquipNet ranks in the TOP page on most used equipment keyword searches

• Do all the outbound calling and qualify the leads
• Send the invoices and collect the funds for you
• Do all of this in multiple languages on a global basis
• Coordinate shipping logistics with the buyer

What YOU Do

Simply receive proceeds from us for each complete deal!

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