Used AAPPTec LLC Equipment

AAPPTec LLC is a leading provider of materials and innovative equipment utilized in the synthesis, purification and isolation of peptides. They provide innovative automated and semi-automated synthesizers worldwide for research and industrial scale production. They also offer top quality resins, reagents and amino acid derivatives, including pseudoproline dipeptides, isoacyl dipeptides, PEGylation reagents, glyco-amino acids and products for stapled peptides. Other products include filters, lyophilizers, HPLC systems and columns for purifying and isolating high quality peptides

AAPPTec LLC Peptide Synthesizer

AAPPTec LLC DNA Synthesizers provide the speed, accuracy and flexibility for precise demanding applications. AAPPTec LLC manufactures a range of Peptide Synthesizer that offer different functions and capabilities. EquipNet caries a variety of used AAPPTec LLC equipment.

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