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What is it?

EquipNet OWN IT NOW is a revolutionary platform where the first user to act wins the item at the indicated price.

How does it work?

Listings are offered for an indicated amount of time and drop in price decrements over a fixed amount of time. Time decrements and pricing are specified on each individual listing. The first buyer to click "OWN IT NOW" purchases the item for the price specified when the “OWN IT NOW” button was clicked. Buyers may also enter a proxy for any amount. If the price of the given item drops to the proxy amount before the time clock ends or another buyer acts first to win the item, then the proxy submitted will be the winning amount and that buyer will be the purchaser of the item.


With the EquipNet OWN IT NOW platform, the buyer who acts first, becomes the purchaser of the item. This differs from Smart Auctions and Live and Webcast auction due to the nature of the bidding. During a Smart Auction or Live and Webcast, bidders compete against one another to outbid each other to win the item. With EquipNet OWN IT NOW, there is no bidding. Alternatively users have the option to buy the item at the current price, or delay buying and wait for the item to decrease in price based over the specified timed decrement – though if you wait, you gain the risk of losing the item to another buyer!

Learn more about Own It Now

Learn more about EquipNet's new buying platform with this step by step video.

Own it Now Instructions

Clicking on the will add the item to your watchlist. You will know it has been added successfully when you see the

To remove an item from your watchlist simply click on the

Clicking on the listing image or listing title on the event page will bring up a pop-up window displaying detailed information with additional photos about the particular listing.

The current price is the price the item will sell for when is clicked.

The "dropping to" price indicates the next decrement amount for purchase.

The countdown timer indicates when the next price decrement will occur.

The button brings up the bid confirmation screen when clicked.

The button brings up the proxy screen where buyers can set a proxy amount so that they system will Own It Now on his or her behalf once the pricing gets down to the given entered proxy amount.

The pop-up window displays the detailed information, additional photos, equipment location, and any associated handing or rigging fees.

From this window you have the ability to win by clicking the button.

From this window you also have the ability to

The confirmation screen gives a summary of the purchase. (Taxes and buyer fees if applicable will be added separately on your invoice)

Clicking will finalize the transaction and the item will then be awarded.

Important Note: Do not delay to confirm your purchase as all items remain open to be purchased by other buyers up until the moment the button has been clicked. Once it has been clicked, all other buyers will be locked out of this item.

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