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Oystar Hassia Polyflex 24|28 Hot Liquid Form Fill Seal Cup Machine

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Equipment Description
Oystar Hassia Polyflex 24|28 Form Hot Fill Seal Machine

  • Hassia Form, Fill and Seal Machine Type Polyflex 24/28
    Soup and Bouillon Paste
    - Density (g/cm³) 1,18 – 1,2
    - Viscosity (mPas) min. 800 (The product supply at the filler inlet
    may not exceed 0,5 bar. It is preferably max. 0,2 bar at low
    viscous products)
    - Filling Temperature 70 - 75 °C
    - Product cut without string formation at filling temperature
    - Homogeneous product without or with soft particulates
    max. dimensions 3 x 3 x 6 mm
    Filling Quantity:
    Cup depth 25 mm
    16 up format
    approx. 46 x 70 mm acc. to format drawing No 40 069 5592
    final cup dimensions are still to be determined

    Wrapping Material Quality Recommendation:
    bottom web: PP/ EVOH/PP approx. 700 µm,
    suitable for hot filling
    lid material: PET Alu/PE approx. 90 µm,
    sealable and peelable against bottom web
    suitable for hot filling
    Approx. Nominal Output Qn according to Unilever Standard:
    = 24.000 cups/h, based on a 16 cup format
    This is based upon the product/packaging material qualities as
    tested with Unilever at Hassia in Germany.
    Splashing of product against the lid material will be reduced to a
    Guaranteed Efficiency:
    Hassia guarantee 98 % PE in accordance with the Unilever
    PAMCO measuring methodology.
    But a PE of 97% when a conveying and handling system

    Machine Specification
    01/4206 Basic Machine
    **OBC100 Polyflex 24/28
    Format Range:
    - Draw-off length maximum 240 mm
    - Material width maximum 280 mm
    - Thermoform depth maximum 40 mm
    Basic Machine, consists of:
    - Base frame using 304 Stainless steel with
    thermoforming, sealing and punching stations.
    Lift movement for tool tables by means of elbow
    - Basic machine laid out for PP-utilisation
    - Machine extension for one further working station
    - Drives: Individual drives for each station, with
    precise positioning servo drives
    - Upper sealing tool station lifted at machine stop
    - Station for contact pre-heating
    - Base material feed with pre-draw-off for one
    (1) reel, maximum reel-Ø 1.000 mm
    - Lid material feed with pre-draw-off for one
    (1) reel, maximum reel-Ø 400 mm
    - Material is advanced by transporting and holding
    grippers, to an integrated cooling plate located
    in front of the punching station
    - Thermoforming by pneumatically driven plug
    assists and compressed air into a water-cooled

    - Hammer shears for chopping waste with waste
    - Monitoring of base and lid material reels.
    Reel-end indications by audible or visible
    signal, machine stop after pre-set time
    - One-sided splice detection for rolls of packaging
    material. Automatically discharge of splices within
    three (3) draw-off lengths without machine stop
    and without product loss
    - Jam control in front of punching station
    - Complete pneumatic installation with
    compressed air maintenance unit
    - Filter combination for the pressure air,
    consists of preliminary filter, active charcoal
    filter, micro filter and an additional sterile
    filter for the forming air
    - Cooling water installation
    - Integrated, air-conditioned switch cabinet with all
    control elements, the PC based control system,
    integrated Siemens Servo Technology and an
    Industrial PC. The operator panel with touchscreen
    is centrally located at the machine.
    - Preparation for remote maintenance and
    - HMI - Human Machine Interface
    - Power unit for control voltage stability
    - Printer for printing machine data integrated
    into machine switch cabinet.

    100192/4405 HMI - Human Machine Interface
    - Operator terminal: Standard Industrial-PC
    - Graphical operator guiding
    - ODA – Operating Data Acquisition in standard
    **OBC200 Registration unit for registering pack message
    with lid material stretching device and heated
    stretching bar for plastic lid material

    OBC201 Specially designed punching station for
    set-through punching
    **OBC202 Automatic adjustment for sealing station and
    punching station with base material scanner.
    According to the base material shrinkage the
    stations re-adjust to precise position, ensuring
    centred sealing and punching
    **OBC204 Central lubrication with grease pump. Control is
    carried out and maintained by the SPS-control program
    *100193/4405 Text description HMI
    Standard Industrial-PC
    - Windows operation system
    - Touch screen for graphical operator guiding
    - Ethernet interface
    - Buttons and switches for start, stop, fault
    acknowledge, activation of separate functions etc.
    - Emergency stop button
    Graphical operator guiding
    - Selection of operation mode
    - Recipe handling
    - Password protected parameter modification
    (16 levels)
    - Display of the actual operational data for machine
    status, faults, cause of fault and start conditions
    - Logbook for recipe selection, password used and
    parameter modification
    - Service and control indicating
    - Onscreen operation manual for machine
    - Onscreen wiring diagram and process drawings
    - Language can be alternated between EU language
    and German (other languages upon request)

  • Carriers are conveyed lengthwise with a slat band conveyor into filler. Incoming carriers are already checked by Gronemeyer so that all carriers in
    front of filler are completely empty.
    In feed height (bottom of carrier) into filler is 1156 mm. Afterwards carriers are pushed onto a toothed belt conveyor which is installed inside filler.
    In this broad face leading position 16 cups are filled into one carrier. Correct carrier position depends on several parameters. To achieve best
    results for this filling process of carriers both push and position devices are supplied and controlled by Hassia. Further more control and monitor
    of both conveyors are also part of Hassia.
    Hassia has to provide that all cups are in correct position in the carrier. That means carriers with cups on the top of carrier are not allowed to feed
    them to Gronemeyer conveyors.
    A by-pass system for filler is available and can be used in following cases:
    - Disturbance of filler
    - End of shift (Opportunity to run line without filler.)
    In both scenarios empty carriers are transferred on a direct way to the conveyor system between filler and cooler. By using by-pass both cooling
    process and carrier handling downstream are no more linked tightly to the filling process.
    Nominal output of filler is 24.000 cups / hour = 25 carriers / minute. Filling temperature is between 70 °C – 75°C. Design of chute for waste of top
    foil at discharge site of filler will give access to quality checks equipment. Quality check device is located directly underneath of the chute. If
    necessary a waste conveyor can be added later on high level to give better access to quality checks

    Filled carriers are transported broad face leading on three separate conveyors into the Gronemeyer cooler. By means of these conveyors a train
    of 10 carriers is formed between filler and cooler.
    By demand of operators a filled carrier is presented for quality checks right behind filler by a lifting unit. This single carrier has to be removed by
    hand from this device. Demand of carriers is realised by using the operation panel.
    Empty carriers can be fed back to conveyor system by using by pass of fille

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  • Specifications:

    Manufacturer Name
    Oystar Packaging Technologies


    Polyflex 24/28
    Polyflex 24/28

    Capacity Speed:
    300 CPM
    300 CPM

    Products Run:
    Small 1 OX Cups
    Small 1 OX Cups

    Heating Cooling Requirements:

    400 VOLTS
    400 VOLTS

    60 HERTZ
    60 HERTZ


    70 AMPS
    70 AMPS


    429.13 x 98.43 x 129.92 in - 30864.40 lb
    10900 x 2500 x 3300 MM - 14000 KGS


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