150mm Front End Semiconductor Tools Available Immediately

Featuring a Leading Designer and Manufacturer of Analog Products

EquipNet is working with a leading designer and manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products to help sell its surplus in China, available immediately! Inventory includes a variety of Photolithography, Etch/Ash, Implant, Coating, Metrology and Finishing Tools. These assets come from respectable OEMs such as Disco, KLA-Tencor, Thermaware, CAMAT, Tel, Hitachi, Tokyo, Canon and more. To dowload a full inventory list to excel, click here.

150mm Inventory

Photolithography Equipment
Assets include Canon FPA-250012 Steppers, Canon FPA-250013 Stepper and TEL Mark-VZ Track Developers.

Implant Tools
Inventory includes Axcelis NV-6200A Medium Current Ion Implanters and Varian 160XP High Current Ion Implanters.

Metrology Equipment
Inventory includes Rigaku 3630 Auto X Ray Wafer Density Analyzers, Jeol JWS7500E SEM, KLA-Tencor 2608 Wafer Inspection Tools and Thermawave OP2600 Optiprobe.

Etch/Ash Tools
Assets include Tokyo OKA TCA-2400 Asher, Tokyo OKA OAPM-4066BL Poly/Nitride Etcher, TEL TE5000 Oxide Etcher, TEL TE5000STAC Plasma Etcher, Hitachi DM421P Nitride Etcher, and Hitachi M308AT Metal Etcher.

Coating and Finishing Equipment
Inventory includes CAMAT P5000W CVDs with (3) Chambers and TEL MB2-730 LP CVD. Finishing tools include a Disco DFG-821F/8 Back Grinder

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