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150mm Process Tools from Multiple FAB's

EquipNet Inc. and E-Giant Semiconductor Expand in Chinese Market

EquipNet Inc. and Hangzhou E-Giant Semiconductor Tech Co., LTD (Hangzhou, China) have signed a joint venture partnership to expand the resale of semiconductor tools within the Chinese market. Current inventory includes front and back end tools such as Diffusion Furnaces, Steppers, Implanters, Wafer Analyzers and Testers. OEMs featured are Kokusai Electric, Canon, Varian, Keithley, Rigaku and others. More assets will be added soon! If you have any questions or would like to schedule an inspection, contact Ken McKenna at +1 (781) 746-2743 or kmckenna@equipnet.com.

Click here to view our press release for more information about EquipNet and E-Giant Semiconductor's Joint Venture partnership

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