Biopharma and Solid Dose equipment from a leader company in Guatemala

Featuring vial and ampule filling, freeze dryers, labeling machine, colloid mills, tanks and more

EquipNet is working with a leading pharmaceutical company to help sell its surplus manufacturing and packaging equipment for biopharma and solid douse. This plant is located in Guatemala.

Inventory features ampoule and vial fillers, freeze dryers, autoclaves, blister machines, labelers, tablet dedusters, stainless steel tanks, and more. OEMs for these assets include Bosch, Dara, BOC Edwards, Tofflon, Telsa, Newman, Uhlman, Ingersoll Rand, Sartorius, Hydratec, Micron, Stokes, Hidratec, and more. If you have questions or would like to schedule an inspection, contact an EquipNet Sales Representative today! +1 781 821 3482 [email protected]

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