Over 100 Assets Available From A Unilever Facility In Italy

Featuring: Fillers, Unscramblers, Case Packers, Labelers, Injection Molders and much more

Unilver LogoEquipNet is working with Unilever to help market and sell it surplus equipment from the ongoing operations of their facility in Italy. The site was filling liquid detergents in bottles ranging from 250 ml to 500 ml.
This project inventory features over 100 assets: Fillers, Unscramblers, Orienters, Labelers, Case Packers, Blow Molders and much more.
OEMs for these assets include: Cermex, Mettler Toledo, Graham Engineering, ABB Group, Domino and many other well known manufacturers.
All equipment is available for inspection. If you have any queries please get in contact on eusales@equipnet.com
Additionally, feel free to phone us on +44 118 901 6161.

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