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Surplus from a Multinational Technology Company

Featuring SMT, PCB, ETM, Front-End and Back-End Equipment

EquipNet is working with an American Multinational Corporation to help sell its surplus Electronic Manufacturing Equipment. Equipment is located across multiple manufacturing facilities in Hillsboro, Oregon, Chandler, Arizona and Santa Clara, California.

Inventory includes Inspection Tools, Probers, Alignment Systems, Test Chambers, Gas Plasma Cleaning Systems, Chillers and Facility Support Equipment.

Featured OEMs include Nordson, Teradyne, Tel Electron, Aapptec, Perkin Elmer and other respectable manufacturers.

All equipment is available for inspection. If you have questions, or would like to schedule an inspection, contact an EquipNet Sales Representative today!

+1 781.821.3482 sales@equipnet.com

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Listing 558936
Category: DNA Synthesizer
Location: USA
Manufacturer: AAPPTec LLC

Listing 558938
Category: Mask Aligner
Location: USA
Manufacturer: EV Group

Listing 505947
Category: Printed Circuit Board Inspection
Location: USA
Manufacturer: Teradyne

Listing 506016
Category: Vacuum Sealer
Location: USA
Manufacturer: PAC

Listing 558940
Category: Array Station
Location: USA
Manufacturer: Perkin Elmer

Listing 505949
Category: Pick and Place
Location: USA
Manufacturer: Universal Intrument