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Used Industrial Equipment Available in Florida

Pre-Owned Assets from R&D Facility

EquipNet is working with a leading industrial company to help sell its surplus equipment from a research and development facility in Sarasota, Florida.

This project's inventory features: Centrifuges, Peristaltic Pumps, Viscometers, Tensiometers, Electrochemistry Stations, Printers, Microscopes, and more.

OEMs for these assets include Eppendorf, Masterflex, CSC Scientific, Metrohm, MicroFab, Delong America, Fungilab, and many other respected manufacturers.

All equipment is available for inspection. If you have questions, or would like to schedule an inspection, contact an EquipNet Sales Representative today!

+1 781.821.3482 sales@equipnet.com


Listing 614179
Category: Microscope
Location: USA
Manufacturer: Delong America

Listing 614219
Category: Printer
Location: USA
Manufacturer: MicroFab Technologies

Listing 622413
Category: Laser
Location: USA
Manufacturer: Amplitude Systemes

Listing 614977
Category: Spectrometer
Location: USA
Manufacturer: Metrohm

Listing 614879
Category: Tensile Tester
Location: USA
Manufacturer: CSC Scientific

Listing 614819
Category: Laboratory Centrifuge
Location: USA
Manufacturer: Eppendorf