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Concentrador Tekmar Dohrmann 3000 - ARCHON

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Descrição do equipamento

Tekmar 3000 Purge & Trap Concentrator

MODEL NO. 14-3000-00

The HP/Tekmar 3000 Purge & Trap Concentrator purges volatiles from water or soil onto a sorbent trap. This trap is then rapidly heated and the analytes swept with GC carrier gas onto the GC column for separation and detection. The 3000 Series performs environmental analyses with strict adherence to US EPA protocols. The Tekmar 3000 can be interfaced to virtually any GC or GC/MS system.

  • Voltage: 115v
  • Amps: 5
  • Hz: 50/60
  • Watts: 550

Varian Archon Purge and Trap Autosampler

This?Varian Archon Autosampler is in excellent condition.

The?Varian Archon Purge and Trap Autosampler?achieves the highest possible sample throughput and gives the highest confidence in the quality of data produced. ?The unique features of the Archon provide the ultimate automated solution for water and soils analyses.

The Archon Purge and Trap AutoSampler is designed to automate the tedious sample handling procedures associated with purge and trap analysis for volatile organic compounds (VOC's) under current EPA methods. The Archon can be used for drinking water, waste water, soil analysis, and solids. The Archon is designed as a stand-alone unit for retrofit to purge and trap instruments.

The Archon is a state-of-the art robotic, X-Y-Z axis autosampler. The AutoSampler utilizes a 51 position sample tray that allows water or soil samples to be run. The tray can be cooled if an optional chiller kit is installed. The Archon has a unique "gripper" arm which moves the sample vial to different positions that will bar code read (optional), identify the vial type, stir the sample, equilibrate to room temperature, and transfer the sample to the water or soil probe position.

When running soil samples, the Archon automates heated purge and trap. The soil sample may be placed in the patented SoilVial, or if the Archon is setup for needle sparging, a standard 40 mL VOC vial. A stirring bar (optional) is added, the cap with a low bleed septum is replaced, and the entire vial placed in the sample tray. The robotic arm transfers the vial to the vial identification step, and then lifts the vial into the heated chamber where water is added, with one or both standards, the sample is then purged directly onto the trap of the concentrator.

If a water sample is to be run, the sample is placed in a 40 mL VOC vial and a stir bar (optional) is placed in the vial and the vial is placed in the tray. The Archon robotic arm moves the vial to the vial ID station and then to the probe location where it is lifted onto the sample probe, and a programmed volume of water is transferred to the purge vessel. It is during the transfer that one or both of the standards are added to the sample. It will also drain and clean the needle, sparge tube, and transfer lines.

The operating modes of the Archon are the Automatic, Manual, and Flush modes. Automatic mode allows for complete unattended operation. Manual mode operation allows for single sample operation of the unit, priority sampling, and running blanks. The Flush mode performs the flushing with hot water and helium for the cleanup of the system. All modes perform per their programmed method.

The Archon is easily programmed through its own color-coded keypad. Programming is menu driven and displayed on an LCD screen. Parameters can be read and altered and the screen displays the function in progress during the run. The Archon interfaces directly with the Tekmar LSC 2000, 3000, OI 4460A, 4560 and other purge and trap units.

Design Fetures:

  • Large 51 position removable sample tray for water or soil samples.
  • Runs blanks from its own blank/wash water reservoir.
  • Programmable sample dilution using blank H2O from reservoir, e.g., 0, 2, 5, 10, and 20, directly from the 40 mL vial.
  • Water sample volumes programmable in 1-25 mL increments.
  • Programmable mechanical stirring of water samples containing sediment prior to sampling.
  • All sample pathways are chemically inert, manufactured from PEEK?, Stainless Steel, glass, or electroformed nickel.
  • Programmable dual standards allow for 1 or 2 different standards to be injected with the sample, prior to purging.
  • Soil samples may be purged via needle sparge option utilizing disposable 40 mL vials or by the patented SoilVial?.
  • The heated soil chamber can accept matrices consisting of solids, sludges, and liquids from SoilVials or 40 mL EPA VOC vials.
  • Optional sample tray cooling capability. Optional refrigerated chiller is required.
  • Priority Sample feature allows the current analysis to be interrupted for RUSH samples.
  • Easily readable back lit LCD display.
  • Fast easy programming from the touchpad keyboard.
  • 30 programmable methods may be stored for various method configurations.
  • A sample may be run from any position in the tray.
  • Easy hook up and installation to all purge and trap systems
  • Back flushes the VOC soil probe pathway with line pressure helium.
  • Hot water rinse utilizes a cartridge heater to heat blank water to 90C prior to flushing sample pathways and the purge vessel.
  • Intelligently determines if a temperature zone exceeds its set point.
  • Archon utilizes a 5-position temperature equilibrium chamber that ensures samples are equilibrated at room temperature prior to sampling.
  • Positively identifies programmed SoilVials and water vials prior to placement into sampling positions.
  • A heated upper soil valve to eliminate cold spots in the sample pathway of samples purged in the soil chamber


  • Tray Capacity:?51 sample vials. 40 mL EPA VOC or SoilVials
  • Sample Volume:?0-25 mL
  • Flush Volume:?0-25 mL
  • Indoor Use
  • Altitude:?Up to 2000 m
  • Operating Temperature:?15C to 35C; Storage Temperature 5C to 85C
  • Relative Humidity:?10 to 90%
  • Line Voltage:?115 Vac 15%, 230 Vac 15%, 50/60 Hz 3 Hz
  • Fuse:?6A, 250 Vac, SB (115V); 3.15A, 250 Vac, T-Type (230V)
  • Installation Category:?II
  • Pollution Degree:?2
  • Heat Dissipation:?2500 BTU/Hr. Max. Worst Case
  • Weight:?Approximately 80 lbs; 36.5 Kilograms
  • Size:?21.5W x 17H x 20D inches 54.6W x 43.2H x 53.3D centimeters
  • Gas Requirements:?Helium 60-90 PSI 99.999% GC/MS grade purity 1.4 C

Note: Stock Photos - not exact representation of equipment.

Nome do fabricante
Tekmar Dohrmann

3000 - ARCHON
3000 - ARCHON


20 x 21.5 x 17 IN - 80 LBS
508,00 x 5461,00 x 431,80 mm - 36,29 kg

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