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Cromatógrafo a Gás Thermo Electron Corporation TRACE GC ULTRA

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Thermo Electron TRACE GC ULTRA with CTC Analytics GC PAL The TRACE GC UltraTM is built around the recognized quality, reliability and ruggedness of the established TRACE GC. Ultra performance, reliability, and usability make this a must-have GC for any laboratory. Automated features result in a tremendous increase in sample throughput, with analyses performed up to 30 times faster than before, without compromises in precision. Product detail Built around the recognized quality, reliability and ruggedness of the established TRACE GC, the new Ultra platform incorporates innovative solutions, such as the new Ultra Fast and Large Volume splitless techniques, delivering unprecedented performance. Ultra in speed of analysis Featuring a linear heating rate of up to 1200 °C per minute, the TRACE GC Ultra is able to dramatically decrease sample run times in a wide range of GC applications from crude oils, pesticides and hydrocarbons determination, to drug screening and food and flavors characterization. Combined with conventional GC or MS detectors, this technique enormously increases lab productivity without compromising analytical resolution, precision or reliability. Ultra in performance The new Large Volume splitless technique, only available with the Ultra platform, extends the sample injection volume of conventional GC methods without requiring additional investment, further training, or the need to revalidate methods. This new capability results in dramatic increases in sensitivity, without incremental sample preparation costs in a large array of trace determinations, and is extremely easy to set-up and operate with a standard split/splitless injector. Ultra in system usability The new TRACE GC Ultra also supports a complete range of injectors, such as the BEST PTV, unique cold on-column inlets, and detector solutions for conventional GC and GC/MS applications. Its unique ability to provide in-series, staked or parallel configurations of up to three detectors featuring different selectivity, provide additional flexibility to lab operations. Dedicated turnkey analyzers for chemical and petrochemical applications complete the powerful TRACE GC Ultra product offering. Ultra in system automation Two new application notes illustrate how the proprietary direct column heating technology can decrease the total analysis time to levels unachievable with conventional fast GC analysis. The application notes discuss how the TRACE GC Ultra is able to perform simulated distillation of petroleum products and hydrocarbon index determination in environmental samples in less than two minutes. High temperature programming, up to 20°C/s, and fast cooling times of approximately one minute, with precise retention time control are the key instrument features demonstrated in both application notes. The benefits delivered by this technology include a tremendous increase of sample throughput, with analyses performed twenty times faster than before, without compromises in precision. Thermo GCs, including the versatile dual channel TRACE GC Ultra and the single-channel high productivity workhorse FOCUS GC, offer fast separation capabilities combined with the most innovative GC injection techniques. Specifications Column Oven Programmability: 7 Ramps/8 Plateaus. Temperature range: few degrees above ambient to 450 °C. Maximum Temperature ramp: 120 °C/min. Typical heat-up: from 50 °C to 450 °C in 420 seconds. Typical cool down: 450 °C to 50 °C in 250 seconds. Sub-ambient: -99 °C with liquid N2, -55 °C with CO2 options. The CTC Analytics MZ 06-00D GC-PAL Injection Head preforms complete testing and evaluation of its products to ensure full compliance. The general system overview includes X and Y axes assembly, injection unit Z axis, tray and tray holder, and syringe adapter. Specifications: – Dimensions (W x H x D): 32.6 x 23.5 x 15.2 in. – Weight: 22 lbs – Operating temperature range: 4 to 40 C – Maximum relative humidity: 75%, non-condensing – Input line voltage: Grounded AC, 100 to 240 V – Input line frequency: 50/60 Hz – Input power: 4 A – Output voltage: 36 VDC – Output current: 4.16 A Attachments THERMO TRACE GC Ultra-Multi-channel-GC Brochure (2 MB) Thermo_Trace_GC_ultra_product_Specification (318 kB) Thermo TRACE GC Ultra Standard Operating Proceedures (4 MB) Thermo Trace Gc Ultra Site Preparation and Installation Manual (871 kB) THERMO TRACE GC ULTRA Operating Manual (5 MB) THERMO TRACE GC Ultra Maintenance and Troubleshooting Manual (7 MB) PAL GC User Manual Installation and Operation (5 MB) PAL_System_V5 Specitications for PAL Systems_ COMBI_ GC_LC_HTC_HTS_LHX_HTX (118 kB)

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Thermo Electron Corporation


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30 x 24 x 18 IN - 105 LBS
762,00 x 609,60 x 457,20 mm - 47,63 kg

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