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Linha de Envase de Comprimidos e Cápsulas BOSSPAK - ZALKIN RTC200 - CA5 300 NG

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Descrição do equipamento
  • The MEDIPAC MTF8 is an orienter feeder machine with thousand merits, which offers the highest quality in every possible application. The maximum efficiency is accompanied by a number of other benefits not to be forgotten, such as high speed, flexibility, ease of use and security.

  • The automatic counting and filling machine BOSSPAK RTC200 can fill tablets and capsules into bottles, can be adjusted for different product sizes. Highly flexible and designed with constructive modularity these machines are very well known for their robustness and reliability. The technological solutions, the quality of materials and ease of use are the elements that ensure the operational reliability of this machine.

  • The automatic capping machine for plastic or glass containers ZALKIN CA5 300 NG, at present it is set up for plastic tubes mainly used in the cosmetic industry. As a guarantee of maximum safety and quality, as for all Zalkin machines, it is also made exclusively with first choice materials and equipped with all the necessary safety guards. The electrical panel is made according to the relevant CE standards.

  • Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing.

  • MEDIPAC MTF8 - Protective plexiglass casing. Stainless steel construction. Quick changeover. Sturdy mechanical construction, completely manufactured in stainless steel, suitable to absorb the common “stress” typical of these. When entering the unit products are unscrambled and then oriented by selector cells for the proper positioning of the products. The unit worked with aluminium tubes, bottles and containers. Year 2006

  • The RTC200 rotary tablet counter and filler represents a new generation of electronic tablet counting. The rotary continuous motion design offers positive container handling for tablet or capsule filling and counting. This is facilitated by transferring containers from the conveyor onto a central bottle starwheel set below a rotary counting turret. Tablet or capsule sorting is achieved via 12 rotating disks mounted within the main turret hopper. An optical matrix counter or quad count has been specifically designed for this application and represents a new generation in counting technology. The quad count can detect most broken or chipped tablets or capsules. An integrated comprehensive dust extraction system ensures maximum dedusting before counting. Vibration free stream filling ensuring products fall one by one into bottles. Tablet, capsule separation before counting. Year: 2006

  • The ZALKIN CA5 300 NG capping machine has been designed with an easy operation process. Gentle processing of bottles and closure components. Once the caps have been placed on the containers, they are conveyed to the capping station in which they are sealed by means of a rotating sealing head. The closed containers are then transferred to the output conveyor belt. Simplicity of use, quick change of format and compact design characterize the machine. Equipped with vibrating cup feeder and elevator. Year: 2011

  • Dimensions 3900 x 1570 x 2450 mm
  • Weight 700 kg
  • Last formats worked tubes – length x diam. mm 64 x 37, 88 x 37, 110 x 18

  • Bottle dimensions max mm 100 x 100 x 220
  • Tablet/capsule diam. mm 3-22
  • Tablet/capsule width mm 3-22
  • Tablet/capsule length mm min. 3
  • Speed max. bpm 200
  • Air bar 6
  • Dimensions mm 2300 x 1760 x 2250

  • Dimensions - feeder mm 1000 x 900 x 1900
  • Dimensions - elevator mm 2100 x 880 x 2600
  • Elevator outlet height mm 2000
  • Capper dimensions mm 3500 x 1650 x 2400
  • Capper weight kg 1600
  • Bottle height min-max mm 60 - 190
  • Conveyor belt width mm 80
  • Current A 2.5
  • Power Kw 4
  • Air pressure consumption Nm3/h 40
  • Voltage Volt 400
  • Frequency Hz 50

  • Especificações:
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    50 HERTZ
    50 HERTZ

    400 VOLTS
    400 VOLTS

    RTC200 - CA5 300 NG
    RTC200 - CA5 300 NG

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    236,22 x 78,74 x 86,61 in - 6613,80 lb
    6000 x 2000 x 2200 MM - 3000 KGS

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