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Reator de Aço Inoxidável Lee Industries, Inc. 100D9MSI. Sem Uso

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Descrição do equipamento
UNUSED SPARE PARTS Lee Industries, Inc. 100D9MSI Stainless Steel Lee Cooker Tank

  • This listing includes one lot of spare parts as listed on the attachment for a 100 gallon Lee Industries kettle, model 100D9MSI
  • Kettle was sold previously and is not included with this listing
  • Presently in parts cabinets, will be boxed

    Lee Industries Part # Description Qty.
    POBFT3REBUILDKIT 3" Rebuild Kit (includes Intake Discharge, Stem Seals (2), and o-ring) 1
    PS-500-1025-0 GR12337 Scraper Half Finger Zytel 101 NC-10 (small) 27
    POJM9041LUP Parker Oil Seals 4QTR14 8
    PS-631-40MP-3 3" Gasket 1
    PS-631-40MP-4 4" Gasket 1
    SCRAPER38N Grind Scraper 38" Diameter 8
    POA-12531 Foot Bearing Bushing Per A-12531 1
    PS-802-4564-0 DM-2 Top Gear 1
    PS-802-4565-0 DM-2 Bottom Gear 1
    PS-802-4144-0 DM-2 Pinion Gear 2
    PS-910-8219-2 Inner Shaft Bearing Spacer DM-2 2
    PS-910-6683-3 Top Bearing Spacer DM-2 1
    PS-910-6793-3 BTM Bearing Spacer DM-2 1
    B-13036-1 DM-2 Inner Shaft, 304 (B13036-1) 1
    PS-910-6701-2 Horizontal Shaft DM-2 1
    PS-910-9923-3 Drive Collar Spacer DM-2 1
    PS-910-9389-2 Idler Pinion Shaft DM-2 1
    PS-702-0314-0 Bearing 2
    PS-702-0307-0 Bearing 5
    PS-702-1907-0 Bearing 4
    PS-362-5031-D Retaining Ring 1
    PS-362-5113-D Retaining RIng 3
    PS-691-5297-0 Oil Seal Parker 3QTR14 2
    PS-692-1907-0 Oil Seal 2
    PS-362-5127-C Retaining Ring 1
    PS-364-022L-0 Split Collar 2

  • Especificações:

    Nome do fabricante
    Lee Industries, Inc.


    Capacidade Tamanho:
    100 GALS
    100 GALS


    1 x 1 x 1 IN - 1 LBS
    25.40 x 25.40 x 25.40 mm - 0.45 kg

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