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Sartorius Stedim Biostat B w/ RM 20/50

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Sartorius Stedim Biostat B Bioreactor Controller w/ Dual Wave Rocker RM 20/50
***This unit was tested as far as we could. We are unable to log in to Biostat B Controller due to (We don't have the password to fully test this unit. Units have slight wear from normal use. See photos for details.


Biostat B Bioreactor Controller BB-8821050
Biostat RM 20/50 I(Qty: 2)
The BiostatB is a universal benchtop controller for stirred and rocking motion systems.The BiostatBis a highly flexible and modular system that can be individually adapted to the requirements of your application.

Our BiostatBis the ideal benchtop bioreactor for your lab. The multi-talented control tower opens up a new world of flexibility for your changing requirements. Use it as single or twin configuration, chose your cultivation chamber from a proven range of options:

Conventional stirred tank glass vessels
Single-use stirred tank vessel Univessel SU
Wave-mixed Flexsafe RM bags

Process development and optimization
Scale-up and scaledown studies
Seed expansion
Cell bank production
Protein supply

Cell therapies
Industrial biotechnology
Basic research
BiostatB - Top Features
Designed to meet your specific needs, BiostatB covers a wide range of applications, extending from use as a flexible basic unit for preclinical research to a fully qualified system that complies with the requirements of a validated GMP environment. You can use our BiostatB for animal, plant and insect cell cultivation as well as for microbial fermentation.

Stirred, reusable and single-use culture vessels - all controlled with one DCU tower
Single or twin set-up for control of one or two culture vessel
Gassing system comparable to ourBiostat STRwith up to four mass flow controller
Engineered for Simplified Scale-Up

BiostatRM Rocker
Our proven wave-mixed bioreactor consists of a rocker unit with bag holder and pillow-shaped Flexsafe RM single-use bags for culture volumes from 100 mL to 25 L. Use it as basic system or in combination with the BIOSTATB control tower and single-use optical pH and DO sensors to enable advanced control strategies
for batch, fed-batch and continuous perfusion.


Optimized film formula, traceability of raw materials and control of the entire Flexsafe RM bag manufacturing process assure excellent and consistent cell growth of the most sensitive cell lines
Space-saving, individual control of two nRM bags on the same rocker platform
Easy-to-use rocker with advanced alarms and safety features for reliable cultivation
The BiostatRM is a GMP compliant, wave-mixing bioreactor. It is paired with single-use FlexsafeRM bags and is proven for a broad range of different cell lines incl. CHO, HEK293, stem cells, and CAR-T cells. Especially, customers working with shear-stress-sensitive cell lines and bioconjugates acknowledge benefits of the rocking motion technology.

The modular concept of the BiostatRM portfolio, ranging from 2 L to our unique 200 L, provides flexibility to manage your individual process needs. BiostatRM saves space, reduces costs, and increases yields. In addition, Biobrain- the commercial manufacturing-ready automation platform shared between BiostatRM and Biostat STR- enables a seamless transfer from product development to manufacturing scale. This makes the BiostatRM an integral part of the intensified seed train.

BiostatRM System Consists of Three Elements: Control Tower, Rocker & FlexsafeRM Bags

The BIOSTAT RM 20|50 basic was designed for the development and optimization of manufacturing processes for the cultivation of cells and microorganisms in single-use systems with low shearing forces. The operation of the bioreactor requires special knowledge in the aseptic area to ensure safe handling of cells and microorganisms. Special handling of cell and microorganism cultures may be required to prevent
biological hazards. This also applies to the disposal of cultures and single-use components.

Modular solution enables flexible work spaces
One rocker platform can be used either with a 20 L or 50 L tray, as well there is a separate 200 L platform. Working volumes range from 100 ml and up to 100 L with FlexsafeRM bags (e.g., basic, optical, or perfusion configurations)

Biostat RMRockers are available in different versions: BiostatRM 20|50 or BiostatRM 200
Wave-motion provides optimal environment for suspension cell culture.
Weight measurement integrated in rocker
Monitors the fill level of bag precisely, even during rocking
Manufacturer's Specifications:

Control Tower Weight
Single | Twin ~ 40|55 kg (88 | 121 lbs.)
Control Tower Dimensions (W + H + D)
Single | Twin 410 + 810 + 520 mm (16 + 32 + 20)
Utility Connections
Power supply
230 V ( 10%), 50 Hz, max. power consumption 10 A
120 V ( 10%), 60 Hz, max. power consumption 12 A
Potential equalisation
International protection rating IP21
Gas supply pressure, 1.5 barg
Dry, oil and dust-free
Hose barb for tubing, external dia. = 6 mm
Water supply pressure, 28 barg
Flow rate up to 20 lpm
Temperature min. = 4C
Discharge pressure-less
Hose barb for tubing, external dia. = 10 mm
Degree of hardness: 12 dH max.
Control Tower
Housing Stainless steel, AISI 304
Display Touch screen, 12, glass, capacitive
Resolution 125 dpi
SCADA communication Industrial Ethernet
Potential-free (common) alarm contact
Safety valve gas pressure 1 bar (14.5 psi) for UniVessel
Glass and SU|100 mbar for RM
Water inlet pressure reduction 1.5 bar (22 psi), integrated pressure control
Motor Drive (Univessel
Maintenance-free, quiet direct drive Power: 200 W
Maintenance-free top drive with
magnetic motor coupling Power: 200 W
Rotation speed motor, direct coupling
1L: 202,000 rpm
2L: 202,000rpm
5L: 201,500rpm
10L: 20800 rpm
2L SU: 20400 rpm
Rocker Platform
Power supply 230 V ( 10%), 50 Hz, power consumption 10 A
120 V ( 10%), 60 Hz, power consumption 12 A
Power consumption 600 W
International protection rating IP23
Rocking speed 842 1 (r/min)
Rocking angle 410 0.3 ()

Nome do fabricante
Sartorius Stedim

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Biostat B w/ RM 20/50
Biostat B w/ RM 20/50

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28 x 47 x 27 IN - 250 LBS
711,20 x 1193,80 x 685,80 mm - 113,40 kg

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