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Seladora Blister Hoong A Corporation Ministar 400

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Descrição do equipamento
Hoong A Corporation Ministar 400 Blister Sealer

The Hoong-A Ministar-400 system is an high speed blister packaging machine, constructed to conform with GMP standards within a compact footprint. The blistering machine is divided into two entirely separate areas (balcony type) a production section with a centralized PLC control in the front and a drive/electrical section on the rear side. Both areas are easily accessible for maintenance and repair through wide access panels.

The system main modules are:
- Two bottom film stands with a splicing table to change film without machine stop.
- Direct contact type film pre-heating.
- Thermoforming with compressed air.
- Indexing of the web by servo control.
- Dancing when to convey formed cavities to the feeding area.
- Feeding area equipped with hopper and vibratory feed plate for spiral feeder.
- Diagonal wiper web brush for complete settlement of product into the cavity with built-in hose outlet for vacuum dust collection.
- Camera vision system with monitor.
- Lid foils supply with print registration control.
- Pressure heat sealing station.
- Dancing wheel to keep tension between the next steps with buffer area.
- Emboss coding station.
- Slitting or perforation station.
- Servo controlled index roller.
- Die punching station.
- Discharging by planetary motion pick and place system onto the conveyor.
- Air blow for rejecting the existing blisters at the cortoner interface.
- Two stainless steel containers for waste and faulty blisters.
- Machine guards in stainless steel and PC panels with safety interlocks.
- Drive and electrical cabinets are of Steel-it paint.

1.3.1 Form Film Supply unit
Two (2) bottom film stands with splicing table. When the film is almost exhausted, the machine sets off the alarm and when the button on the splicing table is pushed, the tape motor runs manually and releases the remaining film to a length sufficient to do the splicing without stopping the machine.

1.3.2 Pre-heating and Forming Station
Forming station has a pre-heating device, sandwich type with upper and lower heating plate, direct contact type. Heating station automatically opens when machine stops. One touch installation of forming mold is done by slide.

1.3.3 Feeding Bed
Product hopper with vibrator, spiral feeder and universal brush box feeder are installed as basic equipment to cover various products. The universal brush box feeder is equipped with a slide-in drawer so that it can be slid into the drier when it is not in use.

1.3.4 Control Panel
HMI with a color touch screen is located in the center of the machine. It saves time and makes possible a man machine information interchange during the supervision of the operation area.

1.3.5 Sealing, Cooling and Indexing
When machine stops, the sealing plate will be lifted up to ensure a secure quality seal. Servo controlled indexing system built in with cooling following the sealing step.

1.3.6 Slitting (Perforation), Servo Indexing and Punching
It is a high speed operating zone, which can handle up to a maximum of 300 blisters per minute with embossing, slitting, perforation, punching and discharge. Planetary vacuum unit picks the blister from the die punch and places it onto the conveyor.

1.3.7 Computer Control Systems
From a computerized system point of view the Ministar-400 SN P40006, Manufactured 2003 Blistering Machine comprises of 5 subsystems:
- The main computer unit controlling the majority of functions, is a Windows XP Panel PC, fitted inside the Blistering machine cabinet (FB071)

- Color Vision System HPF EOK-FA3, a separate PC based computer unit, Windows 2000 OS, embedded into the camera subsystem

- ROMACO HAPA 226 Printer, UV drayed ink printer connected via D-Sub cable to the PLC interface witch in its turn links to the main computer unit via RS-232 cable.

- Pin Hole Detector HPF Elektronick FA3 EOK-RR, controlled by a simple PLC, Serial RS-232 with the main computer unit.

- Bar Code Reader Laetus Argus 1000 also controlled by a PLC, connected via a Serial RS-232 with the main computer unit.

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Hoong A Corporation


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Ministar 400
Ministar 400




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192,91 x 62,99 x 72,83 in - 9920,70 lb
4900 x 1600 x 1850 MM - 4500 KGS

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