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Mettler Toledo T7 Titrator Terminal with InMotion Flex Autosampler:
New: Purchased new in 2021 and only tested 1 time - Other than 1 test these have not been used.

Titrator Excellence T7:
- Product ID#: 30252675
- Available Documentation: Product brochure, Datasheet, UserCom, Applications, Know-how, User Manual
- Versatile titrator for all applications.
- The T7 expands modularity for Excellence line titrators, from 1 to 4 total burettes plus an extra sensor board to grow with advanced needs including KF. Supports InMotion automation + future upgradeability to full T9 functionality.
- Expanded Modularity and Upgradeability
- The T7 widens options for additional burettes and sensor boards. When future needs are uncertain, the T7 allows full upgradeability to a T9 titrator.
- Fully Flexible Automation
- Compatible with powerful InMotion automation. Sample changing, complex titrations, cleaning steps and more run automatically, saving operator's time.
- Solid Compliance
- In regulated environments, LabX software provides full support for your compliance needs to 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11.
- One Click User Interface:
- With the intuitive One Click touchscreen interface, customize home screens to run your workflows quickly and easily with a single tap on the screen.
- Plug & Play Accessories:
- Sensors and burettes are automatically recognized when connected. Avoid errors by eliminating extra data entry steps and reduce instrument setup time.
- Karl Fischer Titration:
- Excellence line titrators fully support both volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer titrations to accurately measure water in liquid or solid samples from 0.001% to 100%.
- Automated Workflows for Traceability:
- Data entry options include barcodes and RFID tags to instantly transfer sample IDs, weights, and chemical information, even automatically choosing the correct method for every sample.
- Safe Chemical Handling:
- Reduce user contact with chemicals by automatically draining and refilling the titrator cell and preventing waste overflow with dedicated accessories.
- SmartChemicals:
- The SmartChemicals accessory enables instant wireless transfer of titration chemicals' identity and shelf life data to the titrator. No mistakes or wasted operator time.
- Additional Burette Drives (Optional) : 3 max.
- Method Functions per Method: 60 max.
- LabX Software: Express and server (not included)
- Optional Extra Sensor Boards: 1 max.
- Automation Option(s): InMotion, Rondolino; InMotion KF Oven
- Application Type: Potentiometric; Karl Fischer (Coulometric); Karl Fischer (Volumetric)
- Measurement Type: Chromatometric; Amperometric indication; Diazotitration; Redox; Complexometry; Conductometric; --Thermometric; Iodometric; Direct measurement (ion selective); Multiple standard addition; Potentiometric; Precipitation; --Voltametric indication; Single-phase & two-phase (surfactants); Photometric; Cerimetric; Bromatometric; Acid/base; Arsenometric
- If…Then Conditions: No
- Shortcuts per user: 24
- Karl Fischer titration: Yes
- User Rights and Management: Fully flexible role definitions
- Solvent Manager Option: Yes
- Parallel Titration: No
- Max. number of methods: 150
- Samples per Analysis (Max.): 303
- Barcode Reader Connection: Yes (USB)
- Predefined methods: 70
- User-Defined Calculations: Yes
- Tasks Running Simultaneously (Max.): 303
- EQP titration: Yes
- Generator Cell: Diaphragm optional
- Task List (Max.): 10
- One Click® User Interface: Yes
- Flexibility and Modularity: Continuous run mode; Automation; Diaphragm (KF); KF upgrade options; PC software; One-click user interface; Extra sensor boards; User-defined calculations; Pre-installed methods; SmartSample; Liquid handling; Additional burettes; Upgrade capability; Plug-and-play accessories; Sample weight transfer; SmartChemicals; Solvent manager; User management
- End point titration: Yes
- Plug & Play Features: Burettes and Sensors
- Terminal: Color touch screen with status light
- Drying Oven Option: D0308 (manual)
- Upgradeability: Yes, to T9
- Compliance and Data Security: Password protection; 21 CFR Part 11, EudraLex, Volume 4, Annex 11 (with LabX software); User management (fully configurable)
- Printer Connection: Yes (USB)
- Connectivity and Software: LabX, software; Network export; USB export
- Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Autosampler InMotion Flex 100mL:
- Available Documentation: User Manual
- Product ID#: 30094120
- Flexible and Efficient
- Maximum Productivity, Minimal Space:
- Maximize productivity in minimal space with the innovated robotic arm, option boards, and stackable magnetic pumps.
- Flexible Workflow:
- Match your workflows with advanced reagent control and cleaning sequences. Stay connected at a glance with the LED status lights on the tower.
- Modular and Tailored:
- Build your InMotion around your samples with lid handling, barcode reader, SmartSampleTM weighing, and water bath temperature control.
- A Fit for Any Lab:
- Increase the testing throughput in your lab by connecting the Flex to Excellence titrators, density meters, refractometers, UV/VIS spectrophotometers, and pH meters.
- Base Unit
- Tower Flex
- Tower Pro/Max
- Pump
- Number of Samples - 100 mL: 18
- Type: Automation

Dosing Unit (x2) - Weight, height, width, etc. is for 1 UNIT
- Product ID#: 51109030
- Trade Name: Dosing Unit, Titration Excellence
- Expandable with dispensing burette drives:
- Hot Plug & Play allows you to connect further dispensing burette drives to the titrator without restarting. The burettes themselves are recognized by the drive via the RF-ID. Expired titrant or incor­rect concentrations or burette sizes are a thing of the past.
- Dosing Unit, 20cm CAN cable included
- Burette resolution (for 10-mL burette): 0.5 µL (1/20’000 of the burette volume)
- Error limits: At 10 % 15 µm, at 30 % 15 µm, at 50 % 25 µm, at 100 % 50 µm
- Filling time and discharge time: 20 s at 100 % filling rate

Burette DV1010 10mL (x3)
- Product ID#: 51109530
- Intelligent burettes guarantee security with Titration Excellence titrators: Is the correct titrant in the burette? Is the concentration right? Has the titer expired? On which drive is it installed? The Titration Excellence titrator automatically verifies all these parameters when an analysis is started. Simply mount the burette and it does the work for you.
- Glass cylinders: 51107101 ... for DV1010 (10 mL)
- Centering rings: 51107520 ... for DV1010 (10 mL)
- Stopcocks:
- 51107537 ... with PTFE valve disc (standard)
- 51107525 ... with ceramic valve disc (optional)"
- Pistons:
- 51107116 ... for DV1010 (10 mL)"
- Adapters:
- standard: 45 mm / GL45 / DIN
- 00023774 ... for Merck bottles (40mm/S40)
- 00023787 ... for Fisher bottles"
- Tubing material:
- 00025687 ... dispensing tube with siphon tip, 70cm
- 00025688 ... suction tubing, 83cm
- 00025961 ... dispensing tube with siphon tip, 100cm
- 00023644 ... light protection tube (UV)"
- Intelligent burette upgrade:
- 51109117 … Burette PnP RFID upgrade"
- Rapid titrant change
- Automatic burette recognition via RFID with Titration Excellence Line
- 4 different burette sizes: 5, 10 and 20mL standard burettes, depending on the application, special 1 mL burette for accurate micro titration
- Compliant with ISO 8655-3
- Serial number on glass cylinder
- Certifiable independently of burette drive
- Red protection tubing against light
- Replaceable PTFE valve disks
- Optional ceramic valve disks for cristallising titrants
- Replaceable high precision glass cylinder with serial number
- PTFE pistons with triple lip seal assure good tightness
- Silver Ring Sensor DMi141-SC

pH Sensor DGi115-SC
- Product ID#: 51109504
- Plug & Play combined glass pH electrode
- Plug & Play combined glass pH electrode with a fixed ground-glass sleeve junction. The large sleeve junction provides a stable measurement signal thanks to a uniform flow of electrolyte. The junction is hardly blocked by precipitates and is easy to clean. -Direct pH measurement and acid/base titrations in aqueous medium.
- Especially suitable for:
- Media with low ion concentration (e.g. low ion conductivity water)
- Polar solvents such as acetic acids or alcohols (e.g. titration with perchloric acid in acetic acid or with sodium methylate in methanol)"
- Plug & Play sensor with integrated sensor chip for secure handling.
- Short description: Plug & Play combined glass pH electrode with a fixed ground-glass sleeve junction for aqueous media
- Applications: acid/base aqueous
- Measurement range: pH 0-14
- Temperature range: 0-100C
- Length: 149.5 mm
- Shaft diameter: 12 mm
- Sensor Chip
- Fixed ground glass sleeve junction
- ARGENTHAL™ reference system
- Silver ion trap to ensure that the electrolyte is absolutely free from silver ions
- Refillable reference electrolyte (3 mol/L KCl)

Sensor Cable SC-LEMO, 160cm Electrode cable SC-LEMO
- Product ID#: 51108034

17 Cups

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Mettler Toledo


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30252675 and 30094120
30252675 and 30094120

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47 x 26,93 x 22,17 IN - 57,32 lb
1193,80 x 684 x 563 mm - 26 KGS

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