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Free up space in your facility, generate financial returns and achieve your sustainability goals by selling your idle machinery.
Sell your surplus equipment on our global marketplace or alongside similar equipment in one of our industry-specific global auctions. You can list one piece of equipment at a time or hundreds. EquipNet’s Project Management Team will work with you to select the sales channel that best fits your timeline to help you generate the highest returns.

Surplus equipment takes up valuable space at your facility. Our Outright Purchase Program provides sellers with immediate financial return and helps to clear out idle equipment from facilities. We will buy your pre-owned machinery. If you have equipment sitting idle, please send us a message with your equipment specifications.

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Stainless Steel Tanks

OEMs Wanted:
  • Lee Industries
  • GEA
  • Becomix
  • Fryma Koruma
  • Apache
  • And other OEMs

Filling Machines

Types Wanted:
  • Tube
  • Liquid
  • Powder
  • Aerosol
  • And other types


OEMs Wanted:
  • Ekato
  • IKA
  • Becomix
  • Fryma
  • Vacumix
  • Olsa
  • Feldmeier
  • And other OEMs

Lab & Analytical Equipment

  • Rheometers
  • Texture Analyzers
  • HPLC Systems
  • Mass Spectrometers
  • Vicometers
  • Balances

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$134,550.00 USD

Pamasol 12 Head Aerosol Filling Line with 14 BesPak Fill Nozzels

€ 210,000.00 Euros

Complete Cosmetic Filling and Packaging Line for Tottles and Finger Pump Bottles

$ 75,000.00 USD

Ekato SRC 320 Unimix Vacuum Production Mixer

$ 44,000.00 USD

Norden Tube Tray Packer with ABB IRC5 M200A Robot

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Success Stories

Multinational Beauty Company - Site Closure Hünfeld, Germany

A turnkey solution was needed for a complete closure of the client’s facility in Hünfeld, Germany. This site was home to over 1,000 high-quality, late model equipment assets which now had to be inventoried, tagged, and sold within the client’s requested deadline. Equipment available included multiple aerosol lines, storage tanks, small-scale laboratory equipment, powder and liquid fillers, plant utilities equipment, and more.

Creams, Liquids, and Bar Soap Manufacturing Facility Closure | Guarulhos, Brazil

EquipNet’s client in the Pharmaceutical Industry was in need of a comprehensive asset management solution for a personal care site closure in Guarulhos, Brazil. This facility was manufacturing OTC and pharmaceutical-grade creams, liquids, and bar soaps for skincare needs. Over 150 assets needed to be managed and sold, including Complete Production Lines for Bar Soap, Creams, and Liquids, as well as Reactors, Tanks, Stability Chambers, Laboratory Equipment, Plant Utility Equipment, and more.

Multi-Phase Personal Care Facility Closure Puerto Rico

The client asked EquipNet to handle the complete closure of a skincare product manufacturing facility in Cayey, Puerto Rico within nine months. The facility, which had approximately 2,500 assets, was still an active manufacturing site at the time EquipNet was commissioned for the closure; a fact that would create challenges in the timeline for auction planning and prep, rigging, and shipping. Due to the tight deadline with this project, all items had to be shipped at once; this presented logistical challenges for both EquipNet and the client.

Do you have underutilized equipment in your facility that you no longer use?

Maximize your company's financial return and focus on your sustainability initiatives by selling your surplus or idle equipment on

Is idle equipment taking up valuable space?

Make space in your facility while generating cash to purchase new equipment by selling the assets you no longer need.

Do you have a short timeline to clear your facility?

EquipNet has managed hundreds of site closures and projects. We understand how to manage sensitive timelines, the market, the industry, and the end users/buyers of your surplus equipment. Whether it’s a site closure, a facility reorganization, or simply excess items, EquipNet will manage the sales process while you maximize cash value recovered.

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