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Tecan Freedom EVO 200 Liquid Handler w/ Dongle, Hydrospeed & Infinite 200 Pro

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Tecan Freedom EVO 200 Liquid Handler w/ Dongle, Hydrospeed & Infinite 200 Pro ***This unit was tested to specifications. System is fully functional with slight wear from normal use (Hydrospeed clear cover is cracked). Buyer can expect a working system with 30-day warranty. (Note: Unit does NOT include tables or stand). See photos for details. Includes: Tecan Freedom Evo-2 200 Base with Dongle (Fixed tip LiHa,96w MCA, RoMA) Te-Vacs, Te-Chrom, Te-Shake, Incubator, Ric 20 Tecan Infinite 200 Pro Tecan Hydrospeed HP EliteDesk 800 Mini PC Intel Core i7 6700T CPU @2.8GHz & 8GB Ram w/ Windows 7 Pro & RamFreedom EVOware 2.7 installed The Freedom EVO series is one of the most popular and reliable systems in the market, with more than 7,500 sold worldwide. The upgradeable Freedom EVO platform can evolve with your changing application needs, making your initial investment even more valuable. This proven platform enables you to create your system according to your specific needs Freedom EVO200base unit Freedom EVO 200 is a unique multi-functional robotic platform for all large scale and high throughput applications. The largest of the Freedom EVO series workstations, provides an extensive work area and variable configurations through the choice of liquid handling and manipulative robotic arms. The Freedom EVO 200 offers the laboratory total automation of a diverse range of applications including primary and secondary screening, cell growth and maintenance, nucleic acid sample preparation, hit picking and library management and sample weighing. TheTecan Freedom EVO 200is a large-scale dedicated robotic platform for automating microplate-based ELISAs. Tecan offers a complete accurate and reliable results on a wide array of applications. TheEVO 200is a flexible, efficient liquid handler created to increase productivity and meet the changing needs of a diagnostic lab. From testing low numbers of samples in a small-scale lab, to thousands of samples in high throughput screening facilities, this flexibleTecan liquid handlingworkstation automates all common ELISA steps. TheFreedom EVO 200safely handles sample distribution, sample predilution, reagent pipetting, plate washing, incubation, result generation, and optical density reading. TheTecan Freedom EVO 200offers a large open work area controlled by a worktable loading interface that closely controls and confirms all load along with unloading actions of microplates. The open layout allows for free placement of sites for samples, reagents, and pipetting areas so worktables can be optimized. The 200 cm workspace on theTecan EVOcan fit up to 512 samples. The intuitive user interface ensures labs can achieve assay repeatability at different scales, quickly and efficiently without sacrificing future scalability. TheTecan Freedom EVO 200 systemsmodular design allows you to add incubator slots and microplate storage space. TheTecanalso has a choice of liquid handling and precision manipulative robotic arms. This flexibility allows theTecan Liquid Handlerto meet needs immediately and keep up with the project as it grows. TheTecan Freedom EVO 200s pressure in the pipetting channels is constantly monitored by the pressure sensor, even when not in active use. This acts as a fail-safe if by chance the wrong disposable tip is used. The pressure change created by liquid coming in contact with the inline filter triggers the system to stop aspiration and keeps air out of the chamber. Specifications: No. of arms: 1, 2, or 3 Arm types available: Liquid Handling Arm 2-tip, 4-tip, 8-tip, Multichannel head MCA 96 or 384, Robotic Manipulator, Robotic Manipulator extended Z, Pick and Place Gripper ranges (with optional gripper arm): with RoMa: 58-140 mm with RoMa ext Z: same, plus access 350 mm below work surface with Pick and Place: 9-35 mm Tip types: Washable tips: Standard (Teflon-coated stainless steel), ceramic coating, hard Teflon coating with full DMSO compatibility, short/long low volume, Te-PS tips for access to 1536-well microplates. Disposable tips with or without filter (10/50/200/1000 L) Liquid Handling Liquid Handling range: 0.5 L to 5 mL Syringe sizes (for Liquid LiHa arm): 50, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 L Infinite200 PRO The Infinite 200 PRO is an easy-to-use multimode plate reader family that offers affordable, high performance detection solutions, referenced in more than 1800 peer reviewed publications. The new Infinite readers offer affordable high performance detection solutions, powered by monochromator- and filter based technologies. This proven platform has now evolved into a budget-friendly reader family consisting of six application-focusedconfigurations, delivering performance and value to every lab, every day, for every assay. Six application-focused configurations There are now six application-tailored configurations for the acclaimed and proven Infinite 200 PRO plate reader, including new options such as automated pathlength correction. This allows you to choose the perfect reader for your specific needs and budget with a fast delivery time. Infinite 200 PRO capabilities Absorbance Absorbance spectra Fluorescence (top and bottom) Fluorescence spectra (top and bottom) Time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) FRET TR-FRET Fluorescence polarization (FP) Luminescence (glow, flash, multicolor) Automated pathlength correction Absorbance cuvette port NanoQuant Plate Temperature control (RT +5C to 42C) Plate shaking (linear and orbital) Te-Inject reagent injectors QC tools for IQOQ services Connect microplate stacker ELISA DNA/RNA quantification Nucleic acid labeling efficiency Protein quantification ATP quantification Ca2+detection HTRF, DELFIA, LanthaScreen Transcreener PolarScreen GeneBLAzer DLR BRET (including NanoBRET) HydroSpeed plate washer for cells, beads and ELISAs in 96- and 384-well microplate formats The HydroSpeed is Tecans advanced plate washer, designed for quick, parallel washing of entire 96- and 384-well plates. This avoids time differences between the wells for uniform results. In addition, the HydroSpeed provides full control of wash power for optimized washing of cells, beads and ELISAs. Increased productivity and sparkling results Tecan's HydroSpeed can be configured as a 4-in-1 microplate washer, providing you with increased productivity and sparkling results by accelerating key washing processes for a range of applications in 96- and 384-well plates, such as: Optimized washing of loosely adherent cells via extra gentle Cell Protection wash settings Gentle washing of magnetic beads using two magnets per well for high bead recovery Fast and reliable ELISA washing with integrated Anti-Clogging for active prevention of needle blockage Filter washing of non-magnetic, polystyrene beads via automated vacuum filtration

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Freedom Evo-2 200 Base
Freedom Evo-2 200 Base


37.00 x 153.00 x 50.00 IN - 600.00 Pounds
939.80 x 3886.20 x 1270.00 mm - 272.16 kg


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