Leading Global Provider of Healthcare Solutions: California

The Client

The client is a leading global provider of healthcare solutions with a focus on the evolving needs and demands of today’s patients and societies. The company is one of EquipNet’s largest corporate clients that we have productively worked on a number of global projects to help manage and facilitate the company’s surplus asset needs effectively.

The Challenge

This project involved a company moving out of a rented, client-owned building in the Northern California area. The equipment surplus included a range of R&D and processing machinery. The primary piece of equipment from the facility featured one vial filling line that required multiple trailer trucks to effectively transport it to the buyer. Since our client would soon be moving back into this facility, the equipment had to be re-validated since the client wished to keep some of the other company’s assets. During this overall process, EquipNet experienced some communication gaps between the client and the equipment rigger. These gaps were soon filled by EquipNet’s team of specialists to ensure the best results for the company moving out, as well as our client and the buyer.

The Solution

EquipNet successfully sold the vial filling line for $1.35 million. The additional surplus in the facility—approximately 62 assets, were sold through an online auction by EquipNet and also through our internal Marketplace, yielding an added $130,000 in sales. The remaining 30 pieces of equipment in the facility were scrapped. EquipNet offered the company onsite inventory services and post-sale management opportunities to assure full satisfaction. EquipNet’s Project Management Team offered some pro-bono visits to the site as well to help bridge the communication gaps and reduce buyer complaints.

The Result

EquipNet’s teams of specialists were able to successfully manage over 100 surplus assets from the location, including the very large vial filling line. Our client and the other company were both highly satisfied with the results from EquipNet, along with the generated sales from the vial filling line and other assets. After the online auction, another buyer purchased 90% of the client’s facilities at this location. The client was so pleased with this project that the company required the buyer to sign an exclusive agreement to continue using EquipNet’s services for future endeavors.

Number of Assets

Site Closure
Project Management
Managed Pricing
Online Auction
Equipment Specialists

Sales Result
$1.48 Million in Sales

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