Lab Moves - Relocation Services

EquipNet’s knowledgeable staff can handle every aspect of your laboratory relocation, providing the fastest, most cost-efficient relocation service available. We understand the delicacy of relocating your instruments and take pride in our ability to provide laboratory relocation services that are second to none.

EquipNet Will Handle it for You!

Trying to move your instruments with the staff at hand provides a risk. Whether you’re dealing with large quantities or a single asset, you want to perform this process properly to ensure your assets are being handled with the utmost care.

The EquipNet Way


Site Assessment

A member of the EquipNet in-house logistics team will perform a complete site assessment

Project Management

You will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will develop a project plan and scope of work

Pack & Ship

Our experienced technicians will decommission, crate and load all instruments

Unpack & Place

EquipNet’s experienced team will unpack, set-up and reinstall all instruments at your new location

Worldwide Logistics

A dedicated team from EquipNet’s in-house logistics department will be assigned to your project to completely manage all outbound and inbound shipping. No need to outsource additional vendors for the transportation of your instruments.

Don’t Need All Equipment at Your New Location?

If you have instruments that will not be part of the relocation, EquipNet’s surplus valuation experts will help you understand how to monetize any remaining, non-required assets through our different supply management services.


External Sales


Global Consignment

Is your new location not ready yet? EquipNet’s Global Consignment services provide simple equipment storage solutions that ensure your industrial machinery and instrumentation are organized, secure and showcased in one of our global facilities.

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