April 2018

How Better Asset Management Can Benefit Beauty Players

An average of 10% of any company’s assets lie idle, meaning that proactive asset management measures present a huge opportunity for cosmetics manufacturers.

Bridget Carey is a Project Manager at EquipNet, the world’s most comprehensive surplus asset management company. Carey discusses how proactive asset management can help companies fund global expansion.

Companies invest millions into growing their businesses to ensure that they are reaching the global market at any cost.

What many fail to realise, though, is how proactive asset management can help make this journey much less burdensome.

Proactive asset management is a term that encompasses:

• A central tracking system that allows users across an organisation to keep track of idle and surplus equipment
• Successful redeployment of equipment to other facilities within the same enterprise
• The sale of items that are no longer required
• Disposal or scrap of equipment that is at the end of its useful life

 as well as many of the industry’s supply sectors.

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