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Equipamento para Amostras Perkin Elmer Panthera Puncher 9

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Descrição do equipamento
Perkin Elmer Panthera Puncher 9 Dried Sample Punching Device

Panthera-Puncher™9 Instrument

Panthera-Puncher™ 9 is the new generation dried sample punching device from PerkinElmer. As the leader in newborn screening, PerkinElmer has selected the technical solutions and materials needed to assure a new standard of punching excellence in terms of:
  • Efficient use of sample material
  • More plates simultaneously
  • Enhanced traceability
  • Good ergonomics

    Panthera-Puncher 9 automatically punches dry blood spot samples into microtitration plates. Up to 9 microtitration plates can be prepared simultaneously, and up to 3 of the plates can be deep-well plates. There are five different punch head sizes (diameters 1.5, 3.2, 3.8, 4.75 and 6.0 mm) and 2 punch heads may be installed at a time so plates requiring different blood spot sizes can be punched simultaneously.

    Panthera-Puncher 9 includes a camera to provide a clear full-color view of the punching area in real-time, and an automatically adaptable punch pattern that adapts to the shape and size of the blood spot. This allows optimal use of the sample material without requiring the user to adjust the pattern to fit the area to be punched.

    Physical dimensions:
  • Width: 876mm (34.6'')
  • Depth: 740mm (29.1")
  • Height: 560 mm (22.0") when the instrument's feet and the monitor are set to minimum height. The monitor can be adjusted up to 100 mm higher
  • Weight: 45 kg (99 lb)

  • External PC, with Windows 7

    Power requirements:
  • Power consumption: 70 VA
  • Mains Voltage: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz

    Environmental conditions:
  • Operating temperature: 15-30(102, 102, 102);°C (59-86°F)
  • Relative humidity: 20-80 % for 3.2 mm punches and larger, 40 - 80 % for 1.5 mm punches

    Performance Specifications
  • Real time visualization - The instrument is equipped with a camera and a monitor, showing the sample card and the punching action in real-time and in color
  • Easy positioning of the card
  • Supports improved punching ergonomics
  • Also the cassette/card barcode is read at the same time, with the same camera, in the same movement
  • The user interface is controlled by a touch screen
  • Automatically adaptable punch pattern
  • Punch locations are set according to the shape and size of the blood spot
  • Limit values can be set for distance from the edge of blood and distance between the punches
  • After its barcode is read, the card can be punched from either side
  • If all queries cannot be processed using the same spot, the instrument will continue to process them from another spot on the same specimen card
  • A fixed punch pattern may alternatively be set
  • 1.5, 3.2, 3.8, 4.75, 6.0 mm punch sizes, two can be used in the same run
  • 9 plate capacity - 9 standard 96 well plates (ANSI SBS 1-4), with height 14 - 16.1 mm can be loaded in the instrument at the same time. Alternatively 3 of the available plate positions may be occupied by deep well plates, with max. height 44.5 mm, leaving 6 plate positions free for standard plates
  • Significant improvements in the lab workflow of labs running more than 6 assays Punching 9 disks from one spot into different locations on 9 plates takes ~14sec
  • Removal of static electricity by ionizer module in the punch area

    Improved ergonomics
  • Designed to allow more comfortable positioning of user's arms and shoulders
  • The table may be raised or lowered electronically to suit the height of the user
  • The height, distance and angle of the monitor can be adjusted
  • Simplified user maintenance

    The user can remove the punch heads from the instrument, instructions shown in the user interface. All covers are removable to support easy access for cleaning (wiping or vacuuming)

  • Height 560.0 mm
  • Operating Range 15-30 °C
  • Portable No
  • Product Brand Name Panthera-Puncher™ 9

  • Especificações:
    Nome do fabricante
    Perkin Elmer


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    Panthera Puncher 9
    Panthera Puncher 9

    100-240 VOLTS
    100-240 VOLTS

    50/60 HERTZ
    50/60 HERTZ

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    29 x 33 x 19 IN - 100 LBS
    736,60 x 838,20 x 482,60 mm - 45,36 kg

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    North America.

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